See ya, South Central…Hello West Hollywood!



After 9 months in South Central, the time came to escape the ghetto birds(helicoptors), bars on the windows and the kevins! South Central was good to me. It brought me great friendships, one’s I will have for a lifetime. It taught me to always lock my door behind me, be aware of my surroundings at all time and that the sirens can be a peaceful sound(not really). With that said, I was ready to move into a new neighborhood and explore a whole new side to this thriving city.

Here are the top 5 things I learned while moving:

1) My whole life fits into a 10ft van. I don’t know if this is horrifically depressing or extremely awesome. I’m going with the latter. It makes me ready for anything. Something I like.  Especially since who knows where I will be headed 365 days from now!

IMG_40032) Good friends make moving a lot better! Huge shout out to two of my most adored LA residents for helping me with the move. Team lifting, couldn’t have happened without YOU, team.

3) Driving a Uhaul in the traffic of LA is like going to battle, but you know your weapon is bigger. Not going to lie, I didn’t hate it.






4) I’m reminded how much I love clothes. I got to look at all of them, I got to reorganize all of them and I tried most of them on again just for fun. I don’t need any more clothes (or shoes, the shoe bag was the heaviest thing to move), but they are soo pretty. Also, I have decided only skinny girls organize their closets by color. I organize mine by sleeve length, a fat arm day in my head is much more critical, than if I am wearing blue or pink. Just saying.

5) Living in a place that I can bike to the grocery store, is so LEGIT. And I get to ride past the CBS studio which always has great  characters in line to see the shows. Yesterday, was the Price is Right line. Next time I will just hop in it and use the money I win to pay my rent!

All in all, moving was an easy experience! My quads are a little sore and so it my heart from some weird attachment to the ghetto, BUT the view out my window here is worth it!




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  1. Juls says:

    welcome home peach 🙂

  2. Vollmer, Helen says:

    Loved this post!

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