Love Is A Mixtape

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 12.23.32 AMAll my book lover friends, this one is for you because I finally understand you.
A dear friend recommended this book to me and said, “it will make your music bone itch and make you cry.” Both sounded extremely attractive and so I hopped on Amazon and bought the Audio book(like all dyslexic story lovers do) for Love is a Mix Tape by Rob Sheffield.
As I began to listen I fell in love with the idea of a man who loved me like Rob loved Rene his wife. The way he spoke about her made me love him more and more with every song they enjoyed and every nuance of life they explored together. Needless to say, non-fiction lover or not; music lover or not; READ THIS BOOK.
In this book Rene is the type of woman I think I am(kinda) and definitely the type of woman I hope someone loves me to be. Rob points out all of her qualities that may come across as annoying, but he loved them. One  I got a kick out of, because it has kid cuddle written all over it, was that Rene loved noisy people. Rob hates noisy people, but Rene loved them so therefore Rob loved them.
I begin thinking, while listening(I know, what a multi-tasker) of all my oddities that some amazing man will(maybe already has) fall in love with one day about me. The truly annoying things like:
*Leaving work to do on the dining room table because you never know when you will get to it…(never).
*flirting with strangers of all ages,races, sexes, shapes and sizes just because I want to know every human more
*singing the “words” to songs I don’t know the words to
*hoping the laundry fairy moves my laundry from the washer to the dryer
*dancing in public places to the song in my head when there is no music playing at all
and my personal fav…
*listening to LAtino music in my car on full blast

Though these things may seem terrible to you, my future Mr. will love them and embrace them like Rob does for Rene. Today I even found a parking attendant who was digging my Latino jams…Lot 7 in DTLA may be the one…
Anyway, I hope you read this book and laugh and cry like I did. I also hope you find a love like Rob and Rene while listening to some solid 90s or Latino Jams! Enjoy!


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