Belly Dancing Babes

Belly Dancing Babes

In case y’all were wondering, on the side I teach belly dancing…to 6 year old girls!
Are you shocked? Because you should be…no I am not a belly dancing expert, in fact, I had never belly danced in my life, but when I started volunteering for the Boys and Girls Club six months ago I started teaching dance. I grew up taking dance lessons and have daily solo dance sessions but am really not qualified to teach anyone any moves other than the shimmy. But when an inner city kid needs a little love and that love needs to be expressed through dance…I am up to learn. This is when youtube became my bestie. *please imagine me you tubing dances in my room and trying to memorize them on mondays before meeting up with these nuggets*
In case you were wondering there are easy how-to {insert anything you would ever want to do here} videos all over the internet. And thank god for that, because now me and 8 little beauties have learned some killer a belly dance moves to Major Lazer’s “Shell It Out.” I look like this when I do the dance(psych).
Basically we are going to head out on tour soon because we are THAT GOOD. Ok, maybe that’s a lie.
But, we do have a blast and these belly dancing babes make Mondays the BEST days.


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