Nanny Baby


Definition: Nanny Baby (ˈnanē ˈbābē): A child whose parents love them enough to realize they needed more hands on deck when raising their child so they have a Nanny.

A nanny baby spends majority of their formative years with their Nanny and not their parents. To break a myth, a nanny baby can have very loving special parents(like mine and the Brady’s, duh) who are very involved in their lives.

ImageThe brady bunch kids were all Nanny Babies and yesterday they said good bye to their Nanny forever. Ann B. Davis, a texas native, passed away in her San Antonio home yesterday at age 88. “Ann B. Davis was the eternally good-natured, reliably self-deprecating Alice Nelson from 1969 to 1974, who kept house for and dispensed cornball advice to a wholesome blended California family of eight on one of the perkiest prime-time series of its era,” (New York Times).

Just like Alice, I am a Texas girl who will be nannying for a wholesome blended California family this summer. Being a nanny is rewarding, I have done it before and I am excited learn to love my new nanny babies like they are my own kids/siblings.

I loved watching Alice when I was younger because I knew a lot about the Nanny Baby life, because I am a Nanny Baby.

ImageRafamama, what I call my nanny, joined the Cuddle Clan when I was 18 months old and she was 17. She is strong, loving, beautiful (inside and out) and can maranga with the best of them. She taught me how to dance up a storm when no one is watching(and when they were), overcome obstacles, how to love unconditionally and be a strong independent woman. If you have read previous posts, you know I have wonderful parents, so you know they would pick someone just as amazing as themselves to help raise my sister and me.

Today, I helped Rafaella’s oldest daughter fill out all her paperwork and finical aid information for her freshmen year of college. Her daughter will be the first one in her family to attend college. WOOOHOOO.

For the first time in a long time I saw Rafamama scared, nervous, upset and excited all at the same time. I could be there to hug her and assure her that it will be hard, but it will be an amazing, purposeful time in all of their lives. Being on the giving end of advice to a woman who has advised me the last 25 years filled my heart.

This was a true reminder that we are all able at some time to PAY IT FORWARD. My family and I would not be who we are without her and her family and visa versa. We are a team. We all need each other.

Today, I am more proud than ever to be a Nanny Baby. 

After submitting the deposit to SHSU! Officially college bound!



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  1. Aunt Sandy says:

    Beautiful Anna! Your Rafaella, and mine, was steadfast in her love and support of you. And, YES, your parents are to ” blame” :). Hoo Ray for Dune!! Another bright beautiful young lady has the whole world in her hands!!

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