A read a book, y’all.


A read a book, y'all.

AND I LOVED IT! I am not a reader. I am a listener. Usually, I greatly enjoy my time in traffic because I listen to books on tape. But in my last shopping blackout on Amazon, I actually purchased a real life book. With fear I wouldn’t finish it in the next 5 years (yes, it takes me that long to read most books), I let Bowinkle read it before me. She loved it. I read it and I loved it. You will too.

My Boyfriend Wrote A Book About Me is a must read if you:
1) Are a single girl! Especially if you have lived through a terrible break up.
2) Made a pro/con list about a boy (and/or yourself).
3) Love cats. I hate them, but I loved reading about her cat issues.
4) Gone on any dates because of an online source. From tinder to match.com, she nails this experience.
5)Asked a boy something strange while hooking up like Hilary’s, “What do you think about my boobies?”

But in all seriousness, this book is hilarious and oddly heart warming. When I read the Preface(A word I for sure say wrong), I took a picture of it and sent it to my sister saying, I think I wrote a book and didn’t know about it, because I related to her so much! From talking about her high school love life to her experience with her mom having breast cancer, Hilary Winston is unflinchingly honest. I want to be her best friend and you will too. This is the best summer read, I promise you’ll enjoy it!


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