Bachelorette Final 5 Ranking




That is my final top 5 for her! I think it is who she will pick! Josh M is digging her and she is digging him. I think they are the most lily to succeed in all of this. Also, my heart goes out to Eric’s family. I am so sorry for their loss. And I am so sad that I had to take him out of my top 5. hashtag sad face. 

Now, I have a dear friend who just went through the process of being on the bachelor. After discussing this with her and with my family, it sounds as though I will never have a chance to be on the bachelor/be the bachelorette, mostly because my mama and dad think this idea is a worse idea than getting a tattoo(whoops). With that said, if I was Andi and I had all these very handsome men to choose from at this point this would be my top 5. 




The are all soooo funny and manly. 2 check pluses. 

Andi, if you don’t end up with any of your top 5, I accept really any of the men above. 

We will see if my draft is going well! I hope I am right!! 


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