Ruined by Manners.


Since I have been back in California, everyone has asked me how home was and the answer is great. I left Texas with a full heart and a reminder that men do have manners….what a concept, chivalry isn’t dead!  By ruined by your manners, I mean, I don’t think the men out here in Cali will beat your good graces. I may just have to move home 12 months from now because y’all made me feel like this last week:


Southern men, this goes out to you. I have been ruined by you in the best kind of way. 

In 5 days in Texas I was reminded that:

  • Boys opening the car door is a regular and important thing. People kept saying that I looked so good, which thank you so much, but the reason for the semi toned arms is because I have had to open every single door for myself for the past 10 months! Shout out to all the wonderful 25 year old men in my life who have the manners to know this is proper and made me feel very special by doing this for me!
  • Some boys genuinely care about what you are doing with your life and will look at your eyes and not my chest when you are speaking!
  • There is comfort in the idea that I am being taken care of. Things like you not wanting me to walk on the street side of the sidewalk, because it’s not the safest place to be.
  • My bank account doesn’t need to deplete every time I go out. You bought me drinks and dinners and tickets to fun things and late night and didn’t want anything (well, I’d like to think this) in return.
  • Boys who have “kewl names” like Ryder, Kent, and Ty don’t really exist in the South. Names like this result in less brain cells-of that I am sure. But guys named Peter, Paul, Luke and John like their namesakes(apostles) have a lot going for them.

In short, thank you Texas(southern) mamas out there. You did it. You raised the kind of men that I would like to marry, who know how to treat a women right!

Also, thank you to all you amazing boys I know and love who treated me so well, I am even more proud to call Texas home and am happy to be ruined by your manners.


**this is a small sample of the wonderful boys I am talking about from back in Tejas**


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