Uber Miracle: Let’s Split the Fair

IMG_6956If you somehow don’t know what Uber is then I am sorry because you have been living under a rock. If you do decided to uncover yourself and rejoin the world Uber is an awesome car service app in which you let them know where you are via the location of your cell phone(perk:you don’t need to know that address of where you are) and your credit card is connected so it pays automatically(Perk: you aren’t fumbling for cash at the end of your ride). Also, if you are riding with friends you can split the fair by sending them a text via the ap to make sure you all pay together…

Über wasn’t new to me when I moved to LA because Dallas had Uber, but Houston, my dear city, didn’t have it yet, so I wasn’t Uber familiar (see what I did there). I was fumbling around with the app because a friend told me there was a way to get free credit aka my poor grad school student self wouldn’t have to pay for cab expensive cab rides in this god forsaken spread out city.

Then I had my Uber miracle happen. I have always say if I had all the money in the world in this city I would pay a driver to drive for me. And then it became a reality, not the money but the wish. I pressed something on the app and it sent a text message to every single person in my contact. I had just spammed people from college besties, to random men I met in Europe, to mom’s I babysat for when I was just a pre-teen myself. I was horrified and embarrassed because at the time I had no idea the power of this mistake miracle.

Then, every single time ANYONE I sent that accidental text to took their first ride in an uber cab I got one of these(below) emails and money popped up into my payment section of the app.

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 11.55.57 PM

This email always contains this line: “Everyone loves a free ride, so keep the generosity going. The more credits you give, the more you get. Win win.”

Seriously. Win, win. These emails have flooded my inbox, mostly on Friday and Saturday night’s since December…and so have the free Uber rides. Thank you people for not only not drinking and driving, but making it possible for me to do the same.

1 more thing about these emails, the contents also includes who it was of my contacts who took their first uber ride. SO, mom of a child who is now old enough to babysit themselves…Where were you headed at 3am last friday? It’s kinda like I am in the NSA or big brother, I may not know exactly where y’all are all going, but I know you are on the move.

So, that it my Uber big secret. Uber messed up, so I am currently rolling in the credit thanks to all you friends and this is my shameless plug for all you out there(who are my contacts) to hop in an Uber this up coming weekend for the first time. Let’s split the fair. Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 12.25.55 AM

**Shameless plug:Use that code, if it’s your first Uber ride it will be free and still give me more credit! **



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