Cockroach Realtalk

Alright y’all. Time for real talk…Cockroach real talk. 

What do you do when you see a cockroach?

  • See it and pretend like it’s not there…Image
  • snag it and think, “This is big enough to feed a whole 3rd world country…yum…”Image
  • find your biggest shoe, paper towel roll, or bee bee gun and kill that sucker…


  • freak the f out and call the nearest boy and make sure they kill it…Image

I am from Texas y’all, I am not scared of many bugs and I am actually not fully terrified of cockroaches, but tonight J and I had a visitor. I was calm, collected and locked it in the bathroom. J came home and I told her and we immediately contacted our cockroach slayers(in the final picture) and they came to our rescue. praise god.

SO, as we move into bug killing season I hope you figure out the kind of response you have to the bugs and have your kill strategy planned. I’m feeling great about our win tonight and am now feeling like this towards all bugs…



happy killing.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Pay an exterminator to come as often as he has to for you to never see a live bug. It’s seriously the best money we spend on our house!

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