Kidcuddle Does Summer

10 things I’ve learned in the last week:
1) If you wear colored pants you will attract men or all shapes, sizes and ages. I had a 55 year old man ask me on a date and tell me all abou how great my yellow jeans looked. Yellow is the color for yield or slow down. The pants are not a go, sir!
2) Don’t see Fault In Our Stars if you aren’t willing to cry in front of EVERYONE! It’s good, but geez. My sniffling was so loud I almost felt like I needed to excuse myself from the theater.
3) No one in LA feels the need to get their morning caffeine until 10am so the lines at Starbucks are out the door. The LA community is just waking up when all my friends in Texas are going on their lunch break. Also, in my not existant Texas accent all baristas seem to think I’m saying Hannah.20140619-113619-41779561.jpg
4) No need to watch sporting events, social media will keep you current enough to be a great dinner party guest!IMG_1666IMG_2633
5) with that said, being at the dodgers game watching the end of the kings game with thousands of LA fans was incredible!IMG_1404
6) fireworks are still one of my top 5 favorite things.IMG_7424
7) it’s very hard to get kicked out of a bar in west Hollywood. Doing handstands mid dance floor is not only approved but encouraged.
8)it’s always appropriate to order $50 worth of pizza at 3am, especially after a long night of handstands on the dance floor.IMG_7420
9)technology hates me. These days going to the apple store creates the same anxiety within me as the doctor. I go, they run some test and the inevitably tell me something is wrong. My comp is currently checked in and there are no visiting hours for friends and family. I’m looking to pick her back up, nice and healthy on Monday morning.
10) living in California in the summer is AHMAZING. A summer bonfire is the great way to kick off what is sure to be a beautiful 2 months. The need for night time a sweaters in June warm the soul!



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