One Nation, One team

So as a child I tried almost all sports and to be honest was never REALLY very good at any of them. Like most kids in my neighborhood I join a YMCA soccer team in 2nd grade, let’s just say I was no Mia Hamm, in fact I bet there are blind kids in the world who have better hand foot coordination than I do. Soccer is just not my sport and I never believed that we would win.

So, as you know(I hope), the World Cup is happening and USA(imaging me chanting that as you read) is still in. Even though I know very little about soccer, I know A LOT about loving America. Someone even said to me yesterday, of course you love America, you’re from Texas. I’m not exactly sure what that means, but I do think it’s true. Being from god’s country makes me that much more inclined to love America. So I do.
Yesterday, I had the privilege of joining some friends and watching the USA tie with Portugal. And I will say, it was thrilling to get so fired up for the red, white and blue…even if they didn’t win.
The night resulted in us hanging out with one guy in full flag face paint and another with a flag painted beard…needless to say, their love for America resulted in our love for them. One nation, one team.



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