SHOW ME LOVE: Hollywood Bowl Edition

SHOW ME LOVE: Hollywood Bowl Edition

Yesterday started like any other Sunday: church, brunch, room cleaning, work out…BORING. I wandered into the kitchen to see what J was cooking up and that’s when my life changed.

She was jamming to ROBYN (who I believe brings people together) and cooking up goodies to take to the Hollywood Bowl to see the Robyn concert. My heart filled with envy because…
1) I have been trying to find a reason to go to the famous Hollywood Bowl since I moved to LA almost a year ago.
2) ROBYN, y’all. I need her to show me love and what it’s all about.

Then J told me that a friend of hers had to work and there was an open ticket. I jumped on the opportunity.

As we approached the bowl, I realized that this concert would not be the place I met my husband because the only people entering were fabulously handsome gay men and women.
We entered the bowl and I have to say it is a bada$$ place! The sun setting on the Hollywood hills with the stage framing the Hollywood sign perfectly, makes for quite the picturesque view, not to mention AMAZING acoustics.
IMG_0446As we made friends with the family in front of us who brought their kids to the concert(I remember those concerts more than you do mom and dad) and the fabulous gays frolicked through the stadium style seating like drunk sorority girls at a college football game, Robyn made her appearance. Her lady mullet and S&M outfit made the crowd roar and her laser euroclub stage presence got everyone on their feet.
As I frolicked about/jammed out to Call Your Girlfriend with my new found “queen besties,” as they called themselves, I realized that the Hollywood Bowl is officially my favorite venue and ROBYN is officially my favorite Swed.

The concert ended and we headed to a place to meet our Uber, I learned about how stupid stacked parking is and that if one person(me) tells a whole crowd of people to stop walking so a car can get through, they will actually listen. I directed traffic and made some new friends along the way.
All and all, it was a great night and ROBYN, now I’ve found you and I tell you no lie, this love I’ve got for you, could take me ’round the world, now show me love or at least a little CARma.



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