“Are you going to hashtag nanny life on that picture?” Yes, my dear I am.

Here are the top 6 things I have learned so far as a Nanny this summer:

  1. Hanging out with someone else’s children is amazing…it’s like being a teacher of life. I get to hang out with you, help you become a better person, play outside(aka sit on the beach), make sure you color in between the lines during the day and then give you back at night. BEST CASE. Image
  2. Divorcé men are on the prowl, especially men with children who can see I am good with kids. I have been asked on 3 dates in the last 3 weeks by divorce dads. Should this be my new game? Should I take sugar daddy to the next level?
  3. On that note, it is very clear that I am too old to be a nanny. I get mistaken for the 9 year old mother on a daily basis. I would have been 16 when I had her if that was the case…please note the wildest thing I did at that age was climb trees and make out in the back of a Mazda with my 1/2 Asian boyfriend…NO BABIES.

    This is actually a picture of me at 16. You are welcome.
  4. Taking care of pets of these families is actually harder than taking care of the children, but the Swiss Mountain dog is making a believer in my ability to love animals y’all. I’ve changed. ImageImage
  5. Hanging out in a parents home is so different than being at my 20 something crib. Even if all they have in the fridge is kale, almond milk and veuve the views and homey feel make up for everything. It’s like begin at a healthy version of my parents house.
    Actual view from the house I nanny at.
    Actual view from the house where I nanny.


  6. Jokes on you IRS, Nanny Life is the most profitable way of living EVER.





2 Comments Add yours

  1. What is that little dog? I doubt you love THAT.

    1. kidcuddle says:

      i hate it actually!!

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