Cali friend: “You must love this holiday because you are from Texas and people in Texas, LOVE America.”

Response: DUH.


The forth of July is my second (to Christmas) favorite holiday. It is a glorious day where we are reminded of the amazing freedom we have in this beautiful country and celebrate it though fireworks, bbq, beer, playing outside and being with people we love.

I would say this forth, like all forths before, was celebrated in greatness.

On the 4th I:

IMG_01161)Ran around a besties apt with a american flag scarf on as a cap, singing Proud to be an American.
2)Had an amazing South African cab driver and discussed accents and the origin of the term fixin’ to (fix (v.) late 14c., “set (one’s eyes or mind) on something,” in other words, I’m going to pay attention to this one thing right quick).
3) Stumbled upon a party in which I was one of 2 girls wearing more clothes than just my bather…I’m sorry but how did all manhattan beach residents get such good bodies?
4)Successfully played corn hole and multiple games of beer pong on the winning team. “I believe that we will win” doesn’t just exist in soccer y’all.IMG_0042IMG_0041

5) Dipped my feet in the pacific ocean and basked in how good god is.IMG_0035
Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 9.07.09 AM6) Went home for an outfit change, to regain strength(aka eat my weight in cheese and crackers), meet up with new friends, discuss the ability/possibitly of making out with a homeless person(role played this occurrence) and went for a stroll to a new party.

7) Relearned and played Egyptian Ratscrew. Lost a potential friend because of my competitive nature, it’s fine…he can’t handle all this anyway.
8)Traveled to the Bungalow for some late night Heads up and lost my keys in this process…IMG_0057
9)Danced it up on The Charleston dance floor.
10) Had late night wine and pizza, real talk and selfie time with one of my main biddies. IMG_0073

woke up like this…*top right of the FaceTime*



YOU WON AMERICA, as per usual.

But I loved every second of it.


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  1. emma ebbs says:

    Fourth*** 😉

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