“Wait, are you famous?”

SIMG_0078o, as I have talked about before on this blog I have a serious problem with identifying famous people. I usually think they are my friends or I have met them before or they are my parents friends and end up embarrassing myself.

Good needs my precious Charlie(the little girl I nanny) did it for me this time. Last Thursday I flew to Reno to pick up Charlie from Reno(yes, I realize this may seem crazy, but think of it as your average business day trip). When we hopped of the off the plane at LAX (like Miley), we were right behind COCO and ICE T.


Yes, of course I knew they were famous and also knew exactly who they were mostly because you truly can’t miss her ASSets. But, Charlie, being 9 is not so aware of who they are but that only famous people look like that and in result, turned to Ice T and said, “Wait, are you famous?”

He said yes, they fist pumped and it was officially my fav celeb encounter of my LA life….until later that night…when I went and met up with friends at Shangri La with friends and then this babe popped his head out on to the patio.

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 9.14.58 PM

Yep, Magic Mike actor Alex Pettyfer is my number one crush under 6 ft tall! Needless to say, let the famous people keep flowing in if they are this interesting and HANDSOME. 


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