Just Like Us.

People regularly ask, “do you see famous people ALL the time?” The answer is no, I don’t, until recently. In my head I was of the notion that celebrities are paid to walk through The Grove holding an iced green tea latte and go to Petco for dog food as product placement advertising in those “stars: they’re just like us” pics in magazines. Which they are, of course, BUT I really believe the reason I wasn’t seeing my fair share of stars was most celebs aren’t strolling through South Central, shit, most white people aren’t strolling through South Central.

Which leads me to why moving to West Hollywood was my celeb sighting game changer!  Because these days I have seen Pacey taking a stroll with his boo and Giada play with her kids outside her home…they really are just like us.

IMG_1697Everyday I drive the Sunset Strip, through Beverly Hills, landing in the Pacific Palisades for work. It is an incredibly beautiful drive that includes, bars, shopping, an overwhelming amount of Starline Tours buses, beautiful mansions and the pacific ocean; I know, my life is hard.

Every Thursday of the summer I have also passed this awesome looking farmers market that seems to be blaring great jams and is overflowing with good looking people. SO, yesterday I decided to add myself and a good friend to this group and event.

We ate samples, chatted up baristas of cheese and went to the bar to snag some wine. We made friends with the bartenders(free drinks included) and were enjoying our time. As we shut the party down, hanging out at the wine section of the event a very very tall, blonde, young women approached the booth and a scruffy, not so young man followed.

IScreen Shot 2014-07-11 at 8.35.30 AMt was Leonardo DiCapreo and his babe! THIS IS IT> Stars are just like us. Mostly he was so normal(minus the super model holding his hand) and he was so casual.  Standing next to us, he asked me which wine I was drinking and I identified his voice before his face! WHen Gatsby talks, you listen.

We chatted about where he got his “tickets” for free stuff…duh, he is Leo he does what he wants, we drank, Kate almost fainted in pure joy and he walked away. I shouted out…”I’ll never let go jack” he ran back to me, long story short, I have a pencil sketch of me naked wearing only a diamond #titanic

Ok, so that italicized part isn’t true but my life feels like the great gatsby and titanic all rolled into one  were my life for those 5 mins.  I think my celeb game has hit it’s all time high! It really can’t get any better.  So, cheers to you Leo.

Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 8.43.47 AM


One Comment Add yours

  1. emma ebbs says:

    Seriously cannot think of a celeb I’d rather bump into. Seeping with jealousy.

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