A form letter to single 20-somethings [wedding season edition]

Dear single souls,

Happy wedding season!! Thank you so much from looking up from your Instagram feed, staring at other people’s wedding bliss, to take a moment to read my letter. Maybe this will even help you stop dwelling over the wedding hashtags, the text messages comparing which of your friends ring is biggest, the discussions over whether or not you got a plus one, the “oh gawd, that bridesmaid’s dress is hideous”‘s and the “oh shit, my ex boyfriend is going to be there”‘s.

We all do this. We all have those conversations/concerns/butterflies. But in reality, as a single something we shouldn’t be so worried about someone else’s big day. It’s not about us. It’s not about the ring or the dresses or the terrible dance moves that may or may not commence on the dance floor.

It’s about the bride and the groom-celebrating their love for one another in front of you, their friend they wanted to share this moment with, their families and god.

With that said, this reminder is a far fetched thought in the eyes of a wedding industry that according to business week, “is a $51 billion industry that employs nearly 800,000 people in America.” And even then is hard for girls, like me, who are far from their wedding, yet love and pin the idea of twinkle lights and monique lhuillierScreen Shot 2014-07-14 at 9.45.52 PM

This is what I have decided for this wedding season and what I think you should consider too…

  • Don’t get sick of dancing to shout-or worse when they play single ladies, embrace it and shake what your mama gave you. Because a dance floor and a wedding band could be the best combo of all time! elaine
  • Don’t get caught up in the details of every wedding and feel as though this is all you need to/can talk about to your friends. There are other, bigger things going on in the world, culture yourself pre wedding. Talk about greater things than the floral arrangements(even though I am sure they will be beautiful), this will make you a much more interesting guest.10sg01h.jpg
  • Don’t enjoy the bride’s signature cocktail too much, keep it classy my friends-there are grandparents in attendance, because if you are that drunk person, people will think…anigif_enhanced-21207-1404159126-3

Wear something that makes you feel so great that you are excited to meet people (hopefully it’s your “you’ll wear it again” bridesmaids dress). You may meet/dance with/be paired up with your future person. Be confident, good to yourself and to others. You never know who you will meet!anigif_enhanced-2688-1401217896-6

  • Support your bride/groom friends in their excitement for this day, it is sure to be one of the best of their lives. They may also be a little crazy. It’s fine. Let them be, let them bask in all of it’s greatness. share these special moments with them and get excited that someone you care about is so happy. bridesmaids1dance

Let wedding season be great. Quit complaining and do exactly what you are there to do: eat, drink and watch other people be married.



Your EVERY wedding, dance partner.



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  1. It’s a sure sign you’ve been in too many weddings if you know how to spell monique lhuillier correctly.

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