The Lost Boys


As you may remember in South Central, I had the Kevins for neighbors, a slew of large black men who stood/sat around outside their house and regularly hollered at us from their respective home that was I am sure meant for 4 people but housed at least 10 of them. I now have a similar situation but the demographic of this group very much parallels the almost hipster, trendy life of any WeHo resident.

I am now living across the street from a gang of skateboard kids, fondly known to J and me as the Lost Boys.

The lost boys are clad with their skinny black jeans, ironic tees, vans and trucker style hates. They are the true combo of the Lords of Dogtown (sans the Venice druggie feel), Brink and Hook(hence their name).IMG_7549

The Lost boys all look like they are ranging in ages from 15 to 20, they build new skate toys and are running around the block like banshees and I feel like if they aren’t chanting RUFIOOOOOO the next time I walk outside will actually be genuinely surprised.

I do feel like I might become friends with them though, even if I could have been their teacher, they always seem to be having a blast. No parents, no problems…I think that’s what the kids are saying these days.


One Comment Add yours

  1. J says:

    I really do have a soft spot for them… Except when they are setting off firecrackers during our bachelor viewing parties…

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