Scared of the “Scary”

I watched this Huffington Post video last week and thought to myself “preach.” I work in field in which people don’t always look like they have it together, clean, creative, smart and even able. They are dirty and even a little crazy. My thought on that is usually, we are all a little crazy, we all have something going on and some people just can’t always keep it together. Which I have chosen a path in which I hope that I am able to make these types of people feel a little less crazy.

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 12.37.26 PMI grew up a little scared of homeless people, always screaming out to whoever was driving me “lock the doors!” when a homeless person approached the car. Something changed inside me I think after being punished in middle school and having to serve the homeless (interesting disciplinary choice small private school). I then became the person to give my lunch every day to the homeless person I passed on the way to school(much to my mothers dismay) and have long chats with Anthony the man who sold roses to get by in my neighborhood. I am a person who talks to everyone, no matter what they look like.

Since living in Los Angeles, I have become slightly more aware(clearly not enough) of the fact that some of these people are dangerous. They aren’t always in the proper mental state. Though they are very clearly someone who needs love in my eyes, in their eyes I could be a monster, an illusion, a sex object or even a quick way to get some cash before their next drug run.

A dear friend told me just a couple of weeks ago that I should always talk to strangers and that he feels like he always has to be double aware when I am with him, or at least ready to protect me. I found this endearing, giggling to myself almost at the idea of how sweet it was that he felt this way. Not necessarily taking into consideration why he felt this way or how terrible the feeling of living in fear for 2 people may be.

I would like to state now very clearly, friend, you were right. I shouldn’t always talk to stranger. Yesterday, at 9am in broad daylight on a very populated street, a homeless man tried to assault me. Good thing I have reflexes like a cat, ok not really, I just moved fast enough. He only was able to grab the hood of my zip up and pull me back, before my guardian angel(an off duty cop) jumped in to save the day. He knocked the homeless man to the ground, walked me to my car, assured I was fine and told me he would make the report.**

I’m not sharing this to let you know I am done with the “scary” looking people or to scare you away from helping the needy. It is just a reminder to me and to you(whoever you are, reading this) that though some of us like to believe that life is all giggles and rainbows(me, I believe this) that it is very hard for a lot of people and we CAN help them, but to be aware at all times!

**I am fine! Me and my zip up are alive and well! Off duty cop stranger, whoever or where ever you are, thank you. You made that situation a million times better than if could have been. We are lucky God put people in the world like you.**


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