y’all. this is not real life.

The On the Run tour made it’s way to LA this weekend and it was amazing! 

5 things that made it BEY-MAZING

1)Beyonce and I rival for queen on how proud we are of being from Texas. She repps our good state so well and I am so proud she is a fellow Houstonian. Next time you see me I will be in my matching bejeweled leather jacket reading texas on my back. IMG_0988

2) The dancing. Les Twins-tres sensationnel or in english-OMG! these french back up dancers can move, not to mention they are HANDSOME. Also, how is she so strong she was in full squat for at least 50% of the time, I can’t even stand on relieve for a full barre class. Get it B. 

tumblr_mrwnjm9AFg1sbq2uso1_4003) those costumes though. I wish dereon jeans were still a thing, because I would buy some. Tina, her mama, gave her some style! And when she came out her her black leather top with american flag black and white skirt, I about died. Can I get that for the next fourth of July please…

Beyonce and Jay-Z sizzle at the On The Run Tour in New Jersey

4)Raw emotion. Jay-z and Bey’s relationship issues took the stage with them. Though they were cuddly for Crazy in Love, when Bey sang Relentless she was clearly upset about J for lying. There were tears, on her. Not me. Even if this tour is their divorce announcement. I still love both of them so much, bey more of course. 

5)The company! So thankful for LA friends who loved OTR as much as me!!


MOre of my pics: IMG_0979 IMG_0969

IMG_0961 IMG_0996


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