we’re bringing booty back…

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 6.06.37 PMIn Los Angeles you get lots of different types of people. Pretty much everyone: Movie stars, homeless people, hasidic jew(everywhere), Asians, surfer bros, guido bros, Armenians, women made of mostly silicon. You name it, we’ve got it…with one exception. There are NO fat people.

Coming from a city that was ranked the fattest city in the nation for multiple years this is something that even after a year baffles me. Everything here is served with a side salad, everything in texas is served with a side of ranch. I see the perks to both(even though I don’t love ranch).  I mean the bootcamp I started today was harder than any bootcamp I ever did in Houston and it was the first day-size 0 women were talking about how they needed to shed pounds…yikes.

While I do realize that being healthy is important and I by no means love the idea of being a lard, I do believe in curves…much to the dismay of men in LA, who expect every woman to be a super model(because many women here are actually trying to be one).

Yes, this is coming from a women who is Sir-Mix-Alot’s ideal body type, but the above song, All About That Bass, has an awesome beat and a wonderful message! All About That Bass is a classier version of Baby Got Back(not a dis to this song, I know every word). It reminds people that a curvy body is beautiful and is beautiful on a white girl y’all.

I have never had a man complain about the fact that “I’m little in the middle but I got much back.” The problem is, I didn’t really realize that curves were beautiful until more recently than I would even like to admit to myself and how insecure about my body I was. That is a product of the fact that most of my friends are flat chested, long limbed beauties.

Younger girls are hearing and seeing constantly that they need to be tiny to be beautiful, THANK YOU Megan Trainor for reminding girls, “every inch of you is perfect, from the bottom to the top.” More songs like this need to be played.

Together, girl, we are bringing booty back. 


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