kid cuddle does class

a full day of class consists of 9 hours of learning and “listening’ 

after class one which is social work in school settings where my teacher proceeded to spend 2.5 hours telling us about all the things she has done in life and class 2 which is advanced theories in social work pertaining to children and adolescents (a class that according to just syllabus day will most likely ruin my 4.0…

I legit looked like this:

anigif_enhanced-9986-1404929905-1then I walked into play therapy and she was handing out play dough and we did this:



yes, I made a pig. 

Then, I realized that I was still in the right place and was feeling like thistumblr_ljd5qol6Z51qixleeo1_250

about the fact that in 9 months I will be a real life Social Worker! 



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