Road Trippin, Relaxin’ and Rompin

Labor Day weekend in my Texas life was usually filled with lake houses, bbq, old friends and maybe some football. This is something I wouldn’t trade for the world but this year I conquered Labor Day Cali style. With a little Road trip pin up the PCH(Pacific Coast Highway) to Santa Barbra. 

A friend from undergrad offered for me and some friends to come visit him at his mom’s home in SB and I jumped at the opportunity because I had never been and always wanted to see what it was like. What it is like: PERFECT. 

Bowinkle and I started our adventure in our rompers by meeting our favorite New Yorker, Carly from The Skimm, fittingly in N.Y. bagel in Mar Vista. Then after battling it out with some new york style honking and cranky pants drivers we set sail on what was sure to be an adventure. 

We began to discuss clients, true crazies and all that is the back to school/new job life in social work and got a little off track on the navigating. We figured out we were headed the wrong way and then we passed this…

IMG_1647So we took Kia girl for a little off roaring adventure and began our photo shoot, much to the dismay of the farmers, but I mean we needed something profile pic worth, so, sorry we aren’t sorry. 

IMG_1701Then we got back on track and made it to Montecito, CA a suburub of SB. It is beautiful. JAWs(my friend) mom lives soooo close to OPRAH!! We saw her gates and were tempted to enter but being arrested didn’t seem like an ideal activity for the weekend. 

We then headed to the Funk Zone, an area that has little wine shacks and truly began to enjoy our time. We had wine tastings, met a terrible racist couple who decided to tell us their life stories, played some Words with Friends (the board game, aka Scrabble), take pics supporting the frogs and all around have a blast. We also discovered some other fellow horned frog friends were in SB for the weekend so we got to eat dinner and catch up like old times. 

We woke up the next morning ready to relax and spent the dayas best we could and decided to go kayaking out on the pacific. WITH SEA LIONS! 2 hours on the water was the perfect amount of time. Bowinkle and I shared a kayak and JAWS had his single to enjoy. We saw multiple sea lions, made a creepy old man friend who invited us upon his boat-only if we ditched the boy with us *don’t worry mom, declined his kind offer, not vomit due to sea sickness/hungoverness, made it under the doc with only minor crashes, didn’t drop the cell phone in the water(miracle), watched some tweens struggle to learn to paddle board, and all and all had a blast.

IMG_1720 IMG_1734

On our way out of town we stopped for a bite to eat and saw Ellen Degeneres. As soon as that excitement died down the amount of wine with the combo of waves and dehydration began to take over. We drove on but had to stop at a gas station for rations, where the attendant asked if we were okay to keep driving. We did and our ice cream sandwiches, dorritos and gatorade were true game changers.

The weekend ended spectacularly with some great burgers cooked on the grill by some of my favorite east coast men, beach time and beach volleyball. 

Over all, the Cali Labor day weekend was a SUCCESS! 




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