Letters of note

Oh boy, I have found the truest of distractions. It’s called Letters of Note.

8246733919_bfbd424f82_oIf you know me/if you ever read this blog, you know that I truly believe in the power of a hand written note. If you have ever taken the love language test (take it, it’s great) then you know that words of affirmation can be the way to some people’s hearts(definitely it is mine). I know that it is not all peoples gift to share their words, but just seeing your name at the bottom of a funny card, makes someone know you care. 

Letters of Note is full of all types of letters; a love letter from Jim Henson to his children and friends about his oncoming death, a letter I believe all men should read from Ronald Reagan to his son about his future marriage, a thank you letter from Martin Luther King Jrs to Sammy Davis Jr., a letter of advice to her younger self by Maya Angelo, a letter from John F. Kennedy to a little girl ensuring him that Santa was fine in the North Pole during the Soviet Nuclear Tests in the North Pole, and many more powerful words exchanged between people. 

Something I would like to point out about about these letters (I have read about 30 of them), is there is always a presence of human emotion in them. These letters may be serious or about serious events, but this interpersonal communication style creates a place for people to share their raw emotion about their circumstances. 

Confession: I am a hoarder of these emotions and letters. My closet at my parents house is full of shoe boxes of notes from my middle school besties about how the love of my MS life was looking at me during lunch and from my HS bf about how beautiful he thought I was (le sigh). Even now, at 25, I am still collecting these postcards of my friends and families extravagant travels and notes to remind me I’m not forgotten back in Texas.

Clearly, I thrive on the idea that love, humor, sadness, thankfulness and the realness of these emotions can be passed on through the mail, even from miles away.

Our fast passed culture doesn’t always provide time to sit and write a note or follow up about how someone is via email. For example, I am the product of 2 people who write more eloquently than most who have written me the most amazing, inspiring words I have read. But, they have also been known to send emails like this:

Dr. apt, 3pm. Don’t be late!

Let’s try, even in the little time we have, to write down and share how much we care from one another. You words may change a persons day, inspire a new adventure, or even change the trajectory of someone’s life. 

P.s. Sister, lists of note is your christmas gift, don’t buy it. 


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