How YOU doin???

images-2Because I know most of y’all are wondering how I am doing and because I haven’t given you a play by play update of kid cuddle doing cali in a while I think it is time for an update. SO here are some day to day happenings of my life:

1)Apparently I have attachment disorder and everyone in my family knows it, I would also like to add to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, known as the DSM to all us social workers the diagnosis of Youngest Sibling Syndrome.  This is for kids who are the last in birth order, take things from people without asking, try to swindle their way into getting what they want, digress in developmental stages when around their family and need to be taken care of and when the whole family goes out of town responds to texts like this:


2) I have been on a rampage of seeing famous people and last week I got to see Hallie Berry!  Kendrick lamar said it first, “go Halle Berry or hallelujah!”  She is BEAUTIFUL and was positively delightful. That skin though. If you are looking for celebs in LA and you wanna eat an amazing meal, you are sure to find them at Craig’s. 

Also, this past weekend I was at one of my fav spots, The Bungalow in Santa Monica imagesand I spotted Zack from Bachelor in Paradise. Without even thinking, I made a B-line to him and pulled my typical, “you look familiar?” line. #imembarassing

He told me it may be from the show and then I proceeded to rapid fire ask him questions. I also followed up with, “My friend told me if she could go anywhere in the world it would be the bachelor in paradise set because it’s beautiful, there are good looking men, you get a tan and there are free drinks.” He laughed, gave me the rose and we skipped off into the California sunset. Ok…maybe that last part isn’t true. A girl can dream though, right?

3)I have officially booked my flights for weddings and bachleorettes, bought and hemmed my dress’, booked my hotel rooms, bought gifts and am SO ready to see all my besties back in Texas for the plethora of wedding bliss that is happening this fall. And even though I can’t wait and I wouldn’t miss it for the world…

All my beautiful brides are(and should be) feeling like this:giphy-1

and I’m feeling like this:IMG_8907

4) LA finally got a Dunkin Donuts and you guessed it, because I’m not from the east coast, I don’t care.

But all these other jokers be like, “oh, wait 3 hours for a donut… I don’t eat usually…SO YASSS”

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 8.17.14 AMThat pic is real life. And it has been like that for the WHOLE month they have been open.

P.S. Krispy Cream is across the street, screaming, ‘COME BACK’ and I can’t stop thinking these people haven’t seen donut holes until they meet my main squeeze Shipley!

5) I think T-pain wrote Bartender about me.

About 2 months ago I started playing a game, with myself, to see if I could successfully pull any bartender’s phone number at any bar we went to.

This was something my friends and I agreed was hilarious. I think in my head this started as a challenge and the thought process was, “well, they are sober and they are asking for my number, then I MUST be the coolest girl here.” Also, the free drinks are LEGIT.

What actually happens:

I became this annoying girl to everyone else at the bar:
dfc651b644b15bf82e5e98d408d86506_650xand then I get free drinks. and then the bartenders begen drinking with me and then I get their numbers and sometime give mine and then I get texts like this: IMG_1906

Though this is quite hilarious and my milkshake really does bring all the boys the the yard,  I decided that I should stop before 1) I am widely known to the bartenders across LA County as the biggest tease or 2) I give in and deliver a milkshake and get taken.

All and all, the jig is up and my bartender loving is over and i have started distributing Mike Jones’ phone number on the reg. 281-330-8004, “call it-it’s me, I swear.”

6) After school started I really didn’t have the proper equipment for the year, so i waited until printers went on sale after the back to school rush and went in for the kill. I bought a printer, put it together or so I thought and then it won. Apparently putting paper in a printer is harder than it seems. I truly need an operations manager for my life. NOW HIRING.IMG_65637) year 2 of school is going well. I still feel like this when teachers ask to participate of their accord and not my own:

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 10.31.50 AMbut am loving my internship and my little nuggets(**not a racist term for those who are confused, this just means little piece of greatness).

With that said, I daily and nostalgic for my summer life and feel like this:giphy-2

8) I have found OZ. Y’all i never thought I would complain it was hot because as a general rule when people complain about it being hot I feel like saying this to them:


But there is actually a heat wave hitting my tropical vortex of a home and while all you jokers on the east coast are celebrating the beautiful fire like colors of fall, we are actually dealing with forrest fires. And when you are singing “let it go” and gallavanting about like so:


The wicked witch of the west will be reminding us that though it’s nice that we don’t need air conditioners, we will be sitting in our own pools of sweat for the next month inside our homes… I”MM MELTINGGGG.


All in all, I have come to the conclusion that life is a beautiful mess everywhere; hilarity follows those who can laugh; I am meant to marry a ridiculously good looking man, who isn’t a bar tender, but may be a reality tv star; I will never stop loving Shipley’s donuts; I am not meant to put my own electronics together AND that I can withstand the heat in any part of the united states.

until next time kids. over and out. 




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