Hipster Paradise

Here is the thing about LA that most people don’t understand, every neighborhood is like it’s own city and personalities and stereotypes really ring true in most neighborhoods. This is so true that one time on a date I was asked, “If you were an LA neighborhood which one would you be?”images-1

Yes, a weird question to ask, but kind of actually a good getting to know you question for this city. I said Venice because it is vibrant, creative, fun and a little cray. It is also on the Westside of the city and right on the water, which I LOVE.

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 11.04.04 AMHe said, Silverlake which is the where the cool kids live. Actually, the whole East side is where the cool kids live. Think KC and the Sunshine Band meets comic-con connoisseur meets urban outfitters models.  *Texas friends, think South Congress in Austin.

Basically, the Upper Eastside of LA has more hipsters per square mile than anywhere else, maybe in the world.

As far as that date went, the neighborhoods we each identified with and the distance between them was representative of how well we connected on our date(so, not so good), but this concept of identifying with a neighborhood has stuck with me.

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 8.23.38 AMOn Sunday night I took an adventure to visit a good friend at his beautiful home out on the East side of LA. I have only ventured deep into the East side before Sunday a couple of times.

I have gone to Dodger Stadium, which is the third oldest stadium in baseballand its ever so perfect retro self fits so well into it’s neighborhood that when you drive through it you feel like you may be time traveling because everyone is dressed like they are at Woodstock or on some major college campus in 1969.

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 8.20.02 AMAnother time I ventured that direction was to join the tattoo club. I got my tattoo at a tattoo parlor that Adam Levine has gotten a tattoo. So LA of me, right? It’s even more, SO Silverlake.

Tattoo clad hipsters are everywhere in East LA. I don’t hate it, but I’m pretty sure, considering the reaction of most of y’all to my tat, that if I chose one of these sleeved men as mine it wouldn’t go over well with family and friends. With that said, HEYYYY, ADAM. I heart you and fully support your tattoo choices.

Here is the thing about Hipster Paradise, I really do love it. I’m just not cool enough, I can’t rock high waisted shorts, I don’t love organic hemp anything and I like to wear shoes. BUT, I am so thankful that my friend now lives there. It is perfect for him in so many ways. His coffee shop adventuring, male pony tail rocking, plaid shirt wearing self is more than perfect in the setting he has chosen for himself. And I can’t wait to spend more time at his home which is on a hill over looking all of LA.

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 8.25.10 AMAlso, with out him and his teenie bopper roomies(who are actually a delight), who were pleasantly named by the sisterhood of the spreads, I wouldn’t be able to thank Premiere Magazine for starting the six degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon game back in 1994. Without my east side buddy or the game, I wouldn’t feel as cool as I do today. Let’s just say I’m only one person away from Kevin Bacon and his relative told me she thought her and I looked alike. A win for me.

Thank you Charles Reston for making all  my Eastside dreams come true.


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