IMG_5111Ida was a quiet unassuming private bicycle, so out of respect for that privacy; I’m not going to dwell on the history or background of her life, I would like, rather; to talk about her more recent past; and the kind of bicycle she was, because that’s something you will all be more familiar with.

I will tell you; that Ida, named after the city of Mt. Ida Arkansas and as a tribute to the Mother of tri delta-Sarah Ida Shaw, was born in South Central; and though she suffered some trauma when she was left at the used bicycle shop, she found a new and more loving home with her beloved owner kid cuddle.

Perhaps, because of her roots in South Central this is why she loved USC. Ida adored our short rides down the trash flooded streets to campus. She could appreciate the natural beauty of the trash ninjas, the kevins and the bustling street meat sellers on the way to campus. Ida loved to watch the newer, hipper cruises soar through the bike paths of USC, while she sauntered down, taking in all the youth and beauty of campus. IMG_5112

Ida lived a quiet simple life. To her late husband Winston, her owner kiddcuddle and her work of getting kid cuddle too and fro she gave much and asked for very little in return. Living just to enjoy the comfort of her streets and neighborhood and to be able to snuggle up in the shed with Winnie.

Ida was much more than a bicycle to her Kid Cuddle, she was something you could really trust and rely on, someone you could talk honestly and openly to, knowing; you would be neither judged nor criticized for your terrible morning singing or the slow peddle of sore or hungover legs. You could count on her support wherever the destination.

It didn’t take long after her late husband’s passing for Ida to decided to leave us as well. Ida was taken in the night, suddenly and unexpectedly in the early hours of last Friday morning, I know she will be greatly missed by everyone who knew and loved her.

To whoever has her now: love her, guide her, and make sure to lock her up if you want to keep her forever.



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