Let’s Give a Sh*t, Shall we?


oh wait, I really do.

So today I saw this article on Facebook called 50 Reasons this generation can’t get it’s shit together and actually shouldn’t and I think I had the opposite response of someone that is my age and even more at my stage of life should. It claims that we are a generation that doesn’t actually need to get our shit together. That in fact we do need to travel without thinking of our future and not hold steady jobs and hook up with each other and smoke weed.

My question is, “Do we?!”

Do we actually need to call ourselves irresponsible and blame it on our parents for being too strict or on “the man” for making us work too hard? Seems like to me this author wants our generation to be considered lazy and not actually give a shit about our futures.

I do agree with a lot of the 50 things the author wrote about…kinda…

I agree that as a generation…

We are traveling and exploring the world. Multiple of my good friends have been to more countries than their parents ever dreamed of going to and we are all relatively well traveled. Yes, we are all the better for it. In fact, one of my very best friends is traveling around the world in 81 days as we speak. This doesn’t make her a bum, a lost soul or just a dumb girl who lost her job and its traveling on daddy’s dime. She worked her ass off right out of college, earned enough money and bought a ticket to do something she really wanted to do before the responsibitlies of life took over. This doesn’t mean doesn’t have her shit together, in fact, I’m my opinion, it means she is taking this stage of life by storm.

I agree that as a generation…

We are following our passions. BUT I don’t think this means we don’t want to have a steady pay check or that we don’t desire one. I know plenty of people who LOVE what they do, but also love having money and really appreciate a christmas bonus. I know so many guys who love the days they go out on oil rigs, guess what y’all…oil=money. As for me, I love working with kiddos and even though my paycheck is MUCH smaller than most(still counting on marrying an oil man), I still loved getting a pay check and paying my rent and going to anthro when I wanted and being independent.

I really hope this article is just wrong and that I am not a part of a generation that just doesn’t give a shit because people I know, myself included, really do.

We aren’t a waste of a generation and sure as hell shouldn’t be writing ourselves off as one.

Keep climbing that corporate ladder if you want, work hard now so you have the money to send your kids to the college they want to go to like most of us did, don’t be selfish and think that if you did the ice bucket challenge(like me) then you are “behind a cause”-find something you believe in, continue to travel the world and embrace other cultures, keep falling in and out of love, and most of all, let’s give a shit, shall we?


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