Y’all. This video tho. Who wouldn’t want to vote after seeing this. 

images-1I mean watching Lena Dunham rompin in around in her red white and blue, Whoopi Goldberg working her dread locks and Sophia Bush, well, just being sophia bush…of course you should want to vote now.

I’m not going to lie, my sophomore year of college was the first presidential election I could have voted in and I tots dropped the ball, didn’t get my absentee ballot in time and didn’t vote. I watched a town full of republicans mourn John McCain’s loss and was very open about how little I knew about what the issues where and what the candidates were going to do about them. Mind you at the time in my life I was still a Advertising and Public relations major who cared more about what clothes I was wearing than what was going on in the world around me…whoops.

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 11.52.17 AM4 years later, I was working at an inner city school, hoping to make a difference and voted in the neighborhood I grew up in. I voted in the direction of immigration reform, education reform, and for women’s reproductive rights. This was not the direction most people in my state voted at the time and my views didnt win in my district or my state but they were the national majority. Bummer, for y’all who voted another way, but three cheers for all of our lady parts.

Here I am now, a person who even knows what a midterm election is asking you to get out there and vote for your opinion. I am social worker in a state that votes the direct opposite of the state I am from. I vote for economic rights, gun control and global warming in the opposite way in which most people in the state I currently live in vote. I am really not on one side or the other and I’m not asking for you to be either. But, get out there, find something you believe in and vote for that.

This midterm election, I’m turning out for:

  • Education Reform
  • Student loans (yikes!)
  • Immigration
  • Reproductive Rights

Go out and vote, remember this is a privilege and we should take advantage of we are so lucky to able to do in our country. HAVE A VOICE.

or just be like Fred…

“Because I want to impress my friends, that’s the only reason to do anything.”  You will impress me.

**SKIMM Midterm Election Guide this may help you get up to date on what the issues are and specifically help you know who to vote for based on your opinions.Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 11.52.04 AM


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