kid cuddle does cali, florida & texas: a weeks review


Woke up in true recovery mode from a birthday celebration for the books. Bowinkle and I’s Birthday are both within a month of one another’s so we decided to round the troops for a birthday bash that included drink games, more men in one home than I have ever seen in LA, old and new friends, dance floor shenanigans and a hang over that ruled my morning.

I went on to kickball where my wonderful team, “99 problems but a pitch ain’t one” got second place in the league championship game. I really don’t contribute much, I think my kickball game peaked at age 10, but my post game beer pong skills make up for it.



Head to internship where kindergardeners say things to be like…

“Miss Annie, You are pretty, you should be married.” or “You look like goldie locks, do you have pet bears?

And I registered for my last round of grad school classes ever!! SOMEONE HIRE ME in May 2015!Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 1.18.35 PM


I have 3 hours of class in the morning with a teacher who reminds me why I entered this profession and then I get to go hang out with my 3 favorite kids these days. I get to see beautiful sunsets, make costumes, wear costumes, have lemonade sales in one of the most affluent neighborhoods in the nation and hang with 3 hilarious, smart kids and I get paid to do it.

Ain’t Bad! IMG_3014


I go back to internship where making child abuse report on children with famous parents, giggles over lincoln logs, kids who feel entitled to the education that all children deserve get what they want and solid instruction are the norm.

and THEN I get to hang with kids who are excited for the bare minimum and LOVE to dance at my glorious volunteering gig at the Boys and Girls Club. These children are wonderful and this past week they learned to wobble in dance class…it was seriously the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. I have hired them for all my favorite brides to start the dance floor up at their weddings, we will be starting a world wide tour on Nov. 15 in Dallas. IMG_3012


Usually, I am at school for 12 hours straight…woof! But these days I have been traveling to wedding parties and last week I became the bicoastal bridesmaid and flew my but to Destin for a great weekend with great friends.


halloween+bachelorette=partying like it’s 1989(the brides year of birth), dancing off some of the calories we would inevitable eat the next day and coming home with the ‘sexiest costume trophy’


Saturday: a day of recovery, beaching in our clothes because it’s cold, a winning football team celebrations, tears over beloved friendships and a little Pin the Junk on the Hunk.


The very best part of the week this last week was surprising my dad by coming home for less than 24 hours.Being in that home, wight he people inside it, rejuvenates the soul.IMG_5954

That is a week in my life these days. I can’t lie, my body, bank account and overall health are ready for a weekend back were I belong these days in LA dose the weekend.

I will be spending time with a different kind of Gilmore Girls this weekend, thank you netflix.


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