The Anti-Pick Up Line

I was so excited for a night in on Friday night to spend with my besties, Olivia Pope, Deacon Claybourne, Rory Gilmore and Phil Dunphy. Unfortunately, my real life friends also had plans so I drove my butt over to Brentwood(where my car proceeded to stay all weekend) and jumped on the fun train for the night!IMG_3937

We decided to conquer the line at The Bungalow, one of my favorite bars in LA,  which is not an easy feat. We waited in line for about an hour with a significant amount of foreigners and girls who all decided it was the night to wear lingire out, but as per usual at the Bungalow is was worth the wait.

We got inside only to make a b-line to the bar inside and recover from the last hour sans alcohol with the typical fireball shot showdown. After our shots, two of my most Arian friends and I were chatting and a guy began to approach me.

He was about 5’6 (in heals I am approaching 6ft tall) and had a surprising intense beard for a blonde man. He proceeded to say to my friend Charlie, a 6’2 blonde haired, blue eyed, rather dapper man, that he looked like an actor. He then said, “Actually, you look like a Nazi.” I literally spit out my drink in laughter.

Quickly after that our short man friend asked us how we all knew each other and my response, in hopes he would go away, was “We’re married.” And then one of my good girl friends who has worse FOMO than anyone I had ever met said, “Actually, we are all married.” Charlie then said, in the most serious tone, “Yes, I’m a Nazi polygamist.”

This may be horrifically offensive, but it is a really great way to get people to  not talk to you, especially in a California bar. The anti-pick up line one may say.

The rest of the antics of the night were fun but uneventful and we unanimously decided we needed to end the night with a solid pizza run and belly laughs at the idea of my sister wife and nazi actor husband.


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