Bring it on Late 20s!

I have made it to my late 20s y’all.

For some reason I have always had this feeling that I am not going to make it into later life, I know, super morbid. But, I have been told by 2 psychics that my life line isn’t super long. Which oddly, doesn’t really bother me because heaven sounds awesome, but with that said I would like to live it out a little more than 26.

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 9.53.22 AMThe start of the birthday week wasn’t the best, think Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day (a favorite childhood book of mine). These #whitegirlproblems slash real life speed bumps, must run in the family because my sister shared the same experience last week. Whether is is genetics or environment, Wednesday of last week was a struggle for me.

I got in a pretty bad car accident that made me feel farther away from home than I have felt the whole time I have lived here. Surprisingly, I was actually following the law not texting and driving or even Driving While Intoxicated. But, I did do the most dangerous thing of all: Driving While Sneezing. Beware, a DWS may be detrimental. A sneeze caused me to rear end the most precious old lady’s car and crack a rib of my own! **Feel free to laugh, the Geico rep did when I told her.** I am fine, Kia Girl may not make it though. Thank god for good friends in LA and the most wonderful family of all for taking care of me from almost 2,000 miles away!

Though Wednesday was not great, I got to travel back to Texas for the weekend to celebrate one of my very best friend’s marriage.IMG_3276 The festivities were a blast, filled with beautiful God loving people, tear-wrenching speeches, a shot for maybe every year of my life, getting publicly sick like a 21 year old, a mint-chocolate chip ice cream cake tradition continued, another year sexier button, a bride and groom sharing their wonderful day with me, a dance party that could move mountains-with a showing of the infamous “The Dog” dance move, a hilariously odd request for a ride to Austin, gritty grind, Bubba’s (yum), and enough love that could fill the soul until the next time we are all together(potentially not until 😦 MAY).

A cracked rib and a car accident got nothing on the start to this 26th year. A 10k, graduate school graduation, a start to a new career(#hireme), a potential move and more beautiful changes to come. I am ready to face them all and hope that my casual idea of not making it into old age is actually wrong.

Thank you my family and friends from all over who continually, not just on my birthday, help make the bad things feel small and the good feel so big. Cheers to many more years full of love!!IMG_3343


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