This is a big year. 2015.

So, here we are, 15 days in to 2015, how’s it gooooing???

PicFrame-3Let’s see so far in 2015 I have: started my last semester of school ever(until I get a doctorate-HA), been reminded of why I love this job because of the little smiles and running hugs from kiddos, been to a funeral, been to the beach 4 times, excercised almost everyday, put together a bookshelf all by myself(no small feat), hung out in LA with one of my oldest friends who’s in law school across the country, made new friends, and have almost finished 2 books I started in 2014. That’s a lot in 15 days and we still have 350 left to go.

This is a year of a major accomplishment for me, the first one maybe in my life I did soley for myself. #selfabsorbed. A year to finish something that will not only better myself, but will guide me in the pursuit of helping others.

This is the year of the MSW.

This is the year of new, bright, and exhilirating things.

This is a big year. 

but let’s not get ahead of ourselves…

What a blessing it has been to have this blog, not only for your enjoyment (mom, you are still reading right?) or my own therapy, but because I get to look back on all the crazy things my LA Life has brought me.

Things like:


  • Making East Coast friends who have changed my mind about the people on that side of the continent in the best kind of way.
  • Meeting 2 friends precious new babies and seeing 5 good friends get married.
  • Living through the helicopters and gun shots of south central.
  • A new tattoo
  • Watching Mama Cuddle rock her crazy boobs and kick cancers ass.
  • Running  a 1/2 marathon and a 10k
  • Weekly trips to either the beach or the mountains to enjoy creation
  • The sisterhood of the spreads
  • A Beyamazing Beyonce concert
  • Visits from many old friends, who remind me where I came from and push me to be better where I am now
  • Going to live tapings of television shows
  • Multiple celeb sitings

AND soooo much more.

Aside from doing a ton of great stuff in 2014, let’s shoot each other straight here, did you accomplish your new years resolutions?? because I DID (not so humble brag)!!

Last year I was inspired to look into Dr. Walsh’s Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes (TLC) program to live a happy and healthy lifestyle. The point it to pick goals that make small changes and then make them habit…And it totally worked! Maybe this whole therapy (therapizing as I call it) thing I’m going to grad school isn’t a hack after all!

So kidcuddle TLCs round 2 year we go!

2015 (15 days late):
Exercise: 5 days a week minimum. In a beautiful city like this there are really no excuses.
Diet and Nutrition: Take my vitamins, which has seemingly given me headaches 😦 so far, so if anyone has any suggestions of a good one please let me know. And drink more water!!
Time in Nature: I couldn’t live in a better place for this. I am commited to visiting the beach or the hills at least one day of each week this year! I am so lucky. I accomplished this last year and I am keeping it this year!
Contribution and Service: you know, do my job. BUT ALSO, continuing to Volunteering at the Boys and Girls Club of Santa Monica.  I dare you to watch that and not volunteer these kids have stolen my heart and I’m not sure if I will ever get it back.

Relationships: I want to stay in touch with old friends through snail mail. duh, because I love it. But also, if you know me, you know I am a 5 year planner, this is great for career and not so great in real life. This year I am going to try(operative word) to not get so caught up in my future. This means not worrying about a pending move, new career, big life changes like marriage and kids, or where in the world the people I love are. But instead, living in the present and soaking it all in. If I have learned anything in the last year, it is that life is too short to not experience as much as possible and surround ourselves with good people.

Recreation: Be a tourist in my own city. You may think I am crazy(mostly because I am a little), but I have made a spread sheet of all the amazing things there are to do in this town that I haven’t done yet and there is sooo much left to do!
Relaxation and stress management: I commit to blogging more. It may seem weird to say, but this is a great stress management tool for me. Even if it’s the middle of a 20 page paper, it may seem like a distraction, but it truly calms me down.
Religious and spiritual life: I’m sticking to last years goal, because it works. I want to say that I would read my bible daily-But, I probably won’t. I will talk to God. I will pray. I commit to praying while I’m excercising and writing letters and paddle boarding. I commit to praying for my friends and my family and all the children I work with and serve while volunteering. This will be a year of me and god talking more and me actively listening to his path for me.

Wow, that’s a lot. It was even overwhelming to write, but it’s also really exciting.

Let’s all not get bogged down by the small things, but hope and pray that 2015 is happier, more love filled and healthier than any other year yet!!


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  1. Janie Caudle says:

    Thanks for always having such a great outlook! Love my special niece!

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