A Book Review: Let’s Just Say It Wasn’t Pretty

Calling all ladies looking for a good, easy read! This is the book for you!Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 10.23.55 AM

No, it is not a read that will change your life or make you ponder all the wonders of the world. But it is a nice and easy read, especially is you like conversational essays.

“Let’s Just Say It Wasn’t Pretty” is a look into a world in which even a women who has dated men like The Godfather, Warren Beatty and Woody Allen has insecurities like you and me.

I enjoyed hearing her talk about her father’s eyes, her desire for all of us to see the beauty in all people, hearing about her love for renovating homes, and her hilarious interactions with her kids. I loved that she wrote about exact locations that I have been to in LA!

Most of all, I feel like I know her now, which weirdly makes me so happy. Whether is was playing Nina in all the Father of the Bride movies or singing “you don’t know me” in The First Wives Club. I have always watched her and thought of her as a cool older lady! And this book proves just that!first-wives-club

Admittedly, I have always loved Diane Keaton. I mean who wouldn’t love a women who plays wine pong like this, with another one of my loves, Jimmy Fallon.

Last year when I was applying for summer jobs, I applied to work at Anthropologie before I decided get back into the #nannylyfe. One of the questions on the Anthro application was “Who is your style Icon?” And my answer was Diane Keaton. You may be thinking, “Kidcuddle, you dress nothing like her and black & white is far from your color scheme and I have never seen you in a hat. You dress nothing like like Diane Keaton.” This my friends is true. She is a Style Icon because she says, “screw it!” to what is popular and she wears what she likes. and I like that.

Diane’s words in “Let’s Just Say It Wasn’t Pretty” made me proud to be a women. A women with curves and measurements that go in a true 10 inches at the waist. A women who is proud to be fighting for the career she wants. A women who loves tall men with side smiles, but mostly cares about their playful humor. A women who’s creativity flows faster than thoughts can turn to actual creation. A women who is a beautiful mess.

Because if Diane is anything, she is a beautiful mess.

Read the book friends, you will like it.


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