The Golden Ticket

I write a lot of about life goals and therapeutic life changes about health and volunteering, but I think I forgot to mention a true life goal…MEETING JIMMY FALLON. I truly love him. I think I would be a great mom to Winnie(his daughter) and I know he really wants to move back to LA where the only Juno we know about looks like this:


One of the major perks of living in LA is that I get to see famous people regularly. As you know, I have seen my fair share of celebs. People like Leo, Hallie Berry, Joshua Jackson, etc.. I have gotten to see Usher perform to a small audience at The Voice and eat lunch in the presence of Ellen, but seeing Jimmy Fallon at Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 8.24.12 AMThe Tonight Show was a dream I knew was almost impossible. 1) He shoots in NYC. 2) When he was in LA for just the week how the heck was I going to get tickets.

Since he is in LA this week, multiple friends have made phone calls into producers they know or weaseled their way into the show somehow and lowly social worker envy was overflowing!

Then it happened.

I was making a stop pre-internship at The Brighton Coffee Shop yesterday morning in Beverly Hills crossing something off my LA to do list, when I got the best text of my life.”So kate is sick today and soooo I have an extra ticket to jimmy fallon.” Though I love Kate, I have never in my life been so happy to hear someone was sick (she is on the up and up now, don’t worry). I took it as an invite and responded “Shut the f*ck Up! What time does it start?” and there it was my chance! I rushed to work, went to my supervisors office, told her about my once in a life time opportunity, saw my morning clients and was on my way to Universal Studios Hollywood to see the man of my dreams!

The way the tickets to this kind of this works is they fill VIP seats first and then do the other tickets. They over book on purpose to make sure every seat in the house is full. They give tickets out on a first come first serve basis to people with a reservation. My poor friend with the tickets ended up getting a flat tire on the way there so we were running late. There were 4 of us and when we walked up to the booth they only had 2 tickets left. The ticket girl said, “you can have the first 4 stand by tickets and go to the monologue reading and see when you get back if we have actual tickets.”Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 8.59.53 AM

In my opinion, this alone would have been more than fine. An intimate setting of 55ish people in a room sitting with Jimmy while he reads his jokes for the first time and getting to hear from his writers is a dream come true to me. Seeing Michael Keaton and Gwen Stephani would just be a plus. This monologue reading was amazing, he was in just regular clothes talking to the audience like regular people. And a writer for the show spoke to us about how they live to make us laugh, so laugh at what we think is funny because that was what was going to be put on the show. Jimmy read through his monologue and scratched things off if he didn’t hear a big enough laugh. My favorite line he said while critiquing was, “oh man, that got an aww here and in NYC it would have gotten a laugh. You really are nicer out here.”

Then we finished and went back through the universal lot to the holding area and they said they had tickets for the standby! Our group were the first 4 and got VIP, 3rd row GOLDEN TICKETS!


I won’t give you a play by play of the show because you should just watch it for yourself, BUT I will tell you this: I want The Roots as my wedding band because I am truly obsessed with them. They played a small mini concert pre show including dance moves and involving the hype man. The makeup artists who get touch up Jimmy’s make up between cuts have the cutest clothes. Jimmy was wearing so much makeup. Michael Keaton is HILARIOUS in real life. Gwen is even prettier than I thought she was and the hirujuku girls are not all asian. I got to touch jimmy’s shoulder when he ran through the crowd post show. Jimmy talked to the crowd about his life in his 20s in LA and not only did I feel like I would have tots hung out with him, but it made me feel like some of the amazing young comedians I know out here really may make it!

IMG_4769All and all it was an amazing day! And in the aftermath, I may be rocking my new jimmy fallon T, from now on. A true babe, right?


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