spreading gratitude

Gratitude is something that often gets lost in translation. At times we forget to be thankful for the people, places, and small bright spots we encounter daily. Yesterday in one of my classes we spoke about the importance of connection and being thankful for what we receive and the people around us. We did a small exercise in which we wrote a letter to someone in our lives we were thankful for*. (yes, this is grad school, not kindergarden.)

I thought I would share mine with you, since I really believe this person is silently appreciated and it’s time for her to be recognized.

IMG_7173 Dear Ratfink,

Even though I spent the majority of our childhood and formative years disagreeing with and bothering you there is something you need to know; you are so important to me.

I have always, even at my worst (because god knows I have been the worst at times), been grateful that you are my sister. In the last year we have really been through it, with me moving away right when cancer took over a lot of the conversations in our home. I don’t think I have ever told you, but every single day I have been so thankful for you.

You have gone to doctors appointments with both our parents, worked at the top level in your profession and continued to be a rock star, thrown parties celebrating what feels like all of your friends in the different stages of their lives, taken time to travel the world and take in experiences that you can share with me, flown across the country to visit me three times knowing that I needed a piece of home, and been a loving wife to a man who was supporting you while you were supporting so many others.

Ugh, I’m exhausted thinking about it.

Grateful and thankful seem like empty words when I think about all you have be up to recently to care for everyone around you (and for someone who is self proclaimed bad with emotions, let me tell ya sista, you’re killin’ it). I know it is hard on both of us that I am almost 2,000 miles away and that I left you on the frontlines at home. You are my hero.

I want to let you know how much I appreciate you for supporting me in everything I have chosen to do, especially grad school. Let’s be honest the likelihood of me being the one to get a masters at all before you, was never something anyone, especially me, thought would happen. Yet, you have been so proud and helpful every step of the way. Being excited for my opportunities; even taking the time to write up interview questions and offering to interview me via FaceTime for a job that will advance me in my career, but take me even farther geographically away.

Know that no matter how far away I am geographically, I am always here for you. I have your back, always and forever. Thank you for all you have already done and will do in the future.



I encourage all the rest of y’all to share some love for the people in your life who you are thankful for today!!


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  1. awww well now I’m crying at work (while reading blogs at work). totes profesh.

  2. janiecaudle says:

    You made me cry my sweet niece. I only hope sometime soon my kids appreciate each other, like you and my other sweet niece appreciate each other. Love you both so very much!! 😘

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