Job Perks Y’all

I don’t know what you do for a living, but my guess is you may have some sort of perks to your job. In LA, it seems that the job perks of some of the people I know(none of whom are social workers) are out of this world! I have friends who talk about their lunch room and the goodies that their offices have there for them to snack on-this to me sounds AWESOME, but I have other friends who talk about working with Oliva Pope (AKA kerry washington) or getting to drop off food at the Jimmy Fallon Show. These people really seem to have it made, but the best is when I get the job perks too!!

This weekend, an LA bestie invited me to use her job perks and it may have been the best thing ever! Y’all, I got to go to disney FO FREE! And I swear that place is really the happiest place on earth, I kinda want to live inside the Space Mountain or maybe a tea cup.

Anyway, I could’t be more thankful for this LA lifestyle and other peoples ability to get me cool things, because all I get are free gluesticks, dirty pint sized handprints on my clothes from playing tag on the playground, and little smiling faces and giggles every other day…oh wait, I guess those aren’t so bad either.


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