Day in the life of a Grad Student in LA

5:47am: Wake up to text message noise (because I forgot to turn my phone on silent). A picture of a besties brothers dog in the snow. I didn’t know that at the time, but Moose did look uber cute.

5:47-7:3am: 41 messages continue at rapid fire speed from besties who are 2 hours ahead of me. This means most of them have had coffee, worked out, and are already bored at work; while I am too lazy to get up out of bed and cross the room to turn off my phone.

7:47am: I finally get up and join the conversation. “Arnica is the best!” My first words of the day are always my most brilliant.

8am: Showered and dressed. I make a run for my favorite coffee shop to lock in my final words to a grant proposal I am writing for the Boys and Girls Club of Santa Monica and for a class. It is due at 1pm, but I will have to print by 12pm to get to class on time.

8:23am: Get to the coffee shop that is only 3 miles away. traffic, le sigh. Not allowed into the coffee shop because the New Girl cast is taping there. #laproblems Their crew, full of handsome men, is very polite in rejecting me… yet, rejection still hurts though, y’all. Mostly because I had to get back in my car to find a new location.

8:33am: Pull up outside my second fav coffee shop, realize I forgot my wallet at home and can’t pay the meter. Think: DAMN IT. This paper is never going to get done.

8:43pm: Get home. Get wallet. Get the F back into my car.

8:53: Back at Stir Crazy. Pay Meter for 2 hours, set alarm on my phone to come back in 2 hours. Get delicious coffee. Instagram Delicious coffee and feelings about paper, take 4 minutes to think of clever caption**that didn’t even get that many likes.** Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 7.27.41 PMCaption:”Procrastination, meet last minute hustle. Actually, I think yall might have met in crazy town before. #gradschoolproblems”

9:07am: Get on gchat and chat with sister until she says, “based on your insta, I’m assuming it’s midterms.” Think: oh shit, I should get back to work. K bye sister.

9:10-10:08am: Productive work. **shocker it last this long** Get up to get another coffee, pay for it. Check bank account after, 68 cents remaining…Think: oh geez, when is that pay check(aka mama cuddle’s funding of my life) going to kick in.

10:53am: alarm sounds, Think: I am fine, I am almost done, a few more minutes won’t kill me.

10:56am: Barista yells out, the meter maid is around the corner! I scramble to get my stuff together and run outside. Officer Estra, a lady cop imposter(meter maids aren’t cops), says, “sorry hunny, you’re 3 minutes late.” Think: you can go f yourself. I only have 68 cents…Actually say, “I know, sorry, thanks.”
11:15am: Get home, print paper like 10 times before the footnotes are properly aligned on the paper-this took a lot of my time today.

12:00pm: Make lunch, polenta and broccoli #leftovers and then drive to school.

1pm-4pm: Try to turn in the fabulous, correct footnote hard copy of my paper. Prof says, ‘oh, I changed my mind, I will edit it online.” Think: I hate you. Then I sit in class, gchatting while listening to my indian, 74 year old professor. Think about what dresses I will wear on my first adventure to Vegas for a besties bachelorette party….remember I don’t own sexy clothes.

4pm: head to the grove to buy put sexy clothes on hold until I have money. Try on a ton of sexy clothes at top shop(where my boobs are too big for everything and my waistline is too small for the highwaisted things), forever 21(where a large seems like it is children’s clothes) and Nordstrom (where only a grad student could dream of paying that much for that little fabric).

5:51pm, Think:Screw it. Buy Sprinkles Cupcake, because it is all about that bass anyways, right?! head home.

6:15pm Blog instead of work on homework.

Tomorrow will look a little different, but have a lot of the same. It sounds kinda bad, but it’s actually pretty great. I mean, I ended the day with a cupcake ATM. #gradschoolproblems


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