So Many Things

Sorry, I know you have missed me.

My computer has been broken and I lost my phone last night so technology has not been on my side as far as blogging goes, but I’m back!

I have SO many things to talk about with y’all.

1) Last weekend I went camping with a wonderful group of people in Joshua Tree. If you ever find yourself out West and want to see an incredible place, GO THERE. Smores were eaten, the game shoulders was conquered, all tarantulas were avoided and I am pretty sure that is were Dr. Suess (Happy b-day by the way) created the Snufflelufigus. A great time was had by all.   IMG_5146IMG_5159 IMG_5203

2) It is hilarious to me that #OscarsSoWhite was a hashtag used during the Oscars when the best, most re-watched, most impactful performance and speech of the night was THIS(click here). I cried. Chris Pratt cried. Buzzfeed did a whole write about who cried. John Legend, I truly love you.

3) I went to All School Day last wednesday. This is an event put on by the school of social work at USC, where over 2000 social work students from SoCal come together to listen to speakers. It was an awesome experience, because I am very passionate about the topic:

Race Relations in the 21st Century: Is it Just a Black and White Issue?

Here is the problem: not once did any of the AMAZING speakers mention how white social workers fit into the social justice equation. They spoke of the minority becoming a majority, how this has already happened in California and how great it is for “our people.” Guess what, those ain’t my people(by the definition and way they were saying “my people”).

I am white and I am also a social worker. I am not going to sit here and say, “I don’t see color,” because that is crap and we all know it. I will say, that just like social workers who are latino, asian, or black, I can make a difference in my community. Let me be one of the links to make our world, one world-not a minority majority place, but a place where we all work together to make life better for EVERYONE.

{end rant}

4) this dress is white and gold. That is all. IMG_5293

5)One of my friends from school and I went to the rolling stones Exhibit that I have been wanting to see. It was AMAZING, because we got invited by the gallery director to come to their closing party. The photographs were incredible and the closing party included famous people, interesting old people who were clearly at one point so deep in the “scene” that all their brian cells haven’t ever truly recovered, and there was free wine. Needless to say, this was an LA experience I will not forget. IMG_5265 IMG_5273 IMG_5333

IMG_52856)The Bachelor is following my group of friends around. No not the farmer, but all the contestants. This weeks citings go out to Kaitlyn and Brit. 2 of this seasons faves or most hated…your choice. Kaitlyn was spotted at Kreation, rocking the grungiest outfit ever seen, while still looking good.

Except Kaitlyn, I need to tell you something…even though you were 100% who I would choose to be my bestie this season…NO ONE should rock a flat bill hat.

Second, I worked out in Hollywood next to Britt on Saturday morning. She is just as beautiful as she was on TV, but was wearing a full face of make-up while working out. Girl, I know you didn’t find love on TV, but Cross Train LA doesn’t seem to be the place for it either….WASH YOUR FACE. Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 10.03.14 AM

7) When LA takes a bath, aka it actually rains, this city is BEAUTIFUL. IMG_5244 IMG_5258

8)I have a new roomie (she belongs to my roomie). She snuggles, walks like she is constantly drunk, and is for sure the cutest thing EVER. Bloggosphere meet Penny From the Block!IMG_5331 IMG_5346_2 IMG_5350_2 IMG_53539) I am SO homesick because it is the most WONDERFUL time of the year in Houston right now. You got it boys and girls, it’s rodeo season. It’s like Cowboys Christmas. It includes, great music, horses on the road, mutton bustin, handsome men in jeans and boots, and the most incredible BBQ ever+sausage on a stick. All of those things with good friends and a cold beer, leave this California girl dreaming for Texas.

I can’t decided if I should stay away from social media for the next month or sit around and stare at it so that I can pretend I am there. I mean just look at them…these people are the greatest:


10) Graduation is truly upon us and I am not sure I am ready. I am ready for the real world and to work harder than I ever had, but there is a terrifying fear of the future. I think if i had a job set in stone, I would be doing better. With that said, if you hear of any jobs in the non-profit world working with inner city kids in LA, Dallas, San Fran, Austin or Houston…hook a sista up. #HIREME #WillMoveForWork IMG_5284


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