Oh Sundays

One of my favorite people writes the blog that I am reblogging. She is an amazing cook, dresses incredible well and not only has the desire to change the world, but is making strides towards great change daily. She is a mentor and a former boss, but most importantly an incredible friend.
The kids she writes about are amazing, at one point they were “my kids” too, so trust me when I say she’s telling the truth. It is 150% insane to work towards her goal everyday, but I and YOU should be too that she and her whole staff do, because they are change makers creating change makers. Big things are happening y’all.IMG_8181

Who Wouldn't Want This Job

So we have this insane goal. We want to be the best high school in America. As in, #1 on all those ranking lists in national publications. This is crazy talk. The currently top-ranked schools are mostly magnet schools where students have to take tests to get in. Students prove their academic mettle with a battery of tests before they even begin the joys of high school. Most of the kids at those schools are middle to upper class. They have lots of resources and technology. Those schools have about 1000 things going for them. This is all great for them and I begrudge them none of it.

But I want to topple those other schools on that list. My sights are set on that top spot. My kids work hard, they’re kind and compassionate and they are bright. Creative, insightful, and talented, they’re fighters. They also come from a place where…

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