Vegas Vs Oregon

Kid Cuddle has spent the last 2 weekends not doing Cali at all. Instead I have been state hopping and DRINKING. My body at this point hates me, but my soul is sooo satisfied. So I have decided to create some compare and contrast sentences, 3rd grade style, for you of my girls weekend drinking trips I have recently had. Vegas vs. Oregon(Portland & Willamette Valley).

Vegas likes to pool parties and partying, while Portland loves to support green peace and farmers markets.

farmers marketing and daffodill loving in Oregon
farmers marketing and daffodill loving in Oregon

IMG_5558_2 Both Vegas(James Hardin*fear the beard*) and Portland(Jack Maxwell & the Galaxy soccer team) are a stop over for famous people.

Jack Maxwell filming Booze Traveler at Rouge brewery in Portland.

Vegas is for low cut and tight dresses, while Oregon is for Nikes, Flannel and a raincoat.

Celebrating this Bride-to-Be in Vegas.
Raindrops on roses and raincoats on Caudle girls in Oregon.

In Vegas you loose money(especially if you don’t know how to play craps, like me), but in Oregon you save money because there is no sales tax(thanks for all the new outfits).

New outfits in Portland.
New outfits in Portland.

Both Vegas (vodka sodas) and Oregon(the best pinot ever) are for drinkers who are looking for a good time.

De Ponte Winery, Willamette Valley
De Ponte Winery, Willamette Valley

Both Vegas (sin city, where married men are on the prowl) and Oregon(where is NEVER stops raining) live up to their reputations.

that’s a stranger Bachelor in Vegas.

Most importantly, both Vegas and Oregon brought some of my very favorite people to the west coast for a short time!!

#bigBucksinVegas, Loved celebrating Mo with these besties in vegas.
family in oregon.

All in all, I loved the adventuring/crossing off 2 more states the past 2 weekends. But for now, I think it’s time to relax from the alcohol for a hot second and remember that I am running a 10k in 2 weeks (even though I may I forgot how to run…yikes.)


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