Insta, you know me so well

disclosure: the word F*ck is written in a lot in this post. If you don’t like, don’t read it. #sorryimnotsorry

We all know we are living in a world where life is captured through social media. Insta pics, Snapchat stories, Facebook rants, 140 characters of twitter brilliance. This is great, because I am far away from most of the people I know, so I know what is going on in their lives no matter where I am.

I will say that currently my favorite part of social media is tagging people in memes and pictures that comedians and bloggers and companies post on instagram.

One hilarious, smart, witty, “zero f*cks given” friend brought this trend of tagging based on who the picture reminds you of to light when she sent me this:


with at text that read, “what does it say about me that in the last 24 hours I have been tagged in all these photos.”  First, I died laughing, because these posts are a description of her personality to an extent. She is a tell it like it is, smart person who also has a soft side(hence the @scoutponder pic-but let’s be real, who doesn’t LOVE her).

Then, it got me thinking…does instagram and what my friends tag me in have me tagged pegged to a tee… so for a week I screen shotted all the pics I was tagged in…here is what I got…IMG_5817

What I get from this, I am perceived to be the friend whose life looks like this:

Go out to have a good time and take drinks from boys and then irish exit from the convo and maybe even lose my phone. Find my phone. Skim through all the photos of my friends engagements and babies, while sitting alone in my bed drinking light blue gatorade. Make sure I have ZERO notifications, which actually makes me organized. Then, I will think about going on a run, because I actually like it, but then remember the only kind of marathon I want to do is a friday night with Olivia Pope or Rory Gilmore.

Next day, leave to go enjoy LAand lay on the beach…notice on the way that LA brought out road rage in me that I never thought existed. Contemplate how much I love kids and want them, think “I will be a great mom”, except for when it comes to having my actual shit together as an adult…think, at least those kids will be so known and loved on. All done while, embracing that I am a child of the 90s who loved my beanie babies and was once a Belieber in my early 20s.

Y’all, I don’t know if I think the person tagged here appears to be a model citizen, but I do know, beliebe it or not…it’s me. Insta(and friends), you know me so well.

What are you getting tagged in? Check yourself…


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