Endorphins Make You Happy

So I am a person that actually likes to work out, I really believe it makes me a happier person.

Because you know, Elle Woods knows everything…she went to Harvard law…”what, like it’s hard”…legallyblonde With that said, after all my traveling and my recent drinking habit I was falling out of the daily workout scene. Last week I finally hopped back on the endorphins train and let me tell you, it was a beautiful, terrible, sassy, sweaty, flower power, kind of train.

Beach Run

I really just felt like doing this:Unknownbut I knew that I had a 10k coming up on Saturday so I need to step up my game. I went down for a Santa Monica Pier to Venice Skate Park couple mile run. The characters on this adventure range from the homeless men circle who are smoking weed, have more dogs than a dog park surrounding them to the ridiculously good looking European tourists on the bicycle built for 2 taking selfies on the boardwalk. Needless to say, no music is needed because the eavesdropping that occurs is better than night time television. Also, with the sun having a night time routine like this, IMG_6402IMG_9474who wouldn’t want to take an evening run on the beach.


I went to a cross fit class at a Gym named Pink Iron. funny-gifs-work-it-girlFirst, I want to tell you that I totally respect cross fitters and know some people that love it and it works for, BUT I did feel like I was surrounded by lots of lady versions of douche bags/was so impressed by how much they could lift. I will say this: I liked it, I was challenged, I felt a little bit like all the women in there were going to beat me up, but I really felt like this during the work out…1cda30a4766e2ff3_url-13 Yoga

I went to this amazing Yoga class last week at a place called Earth’s Power Yoga and even though it is the most LA exercise. I could possibly do, I LOVED IT. They project images on the walls, play calming music and it’s about 97 degrees in the room. I really felt like I could get into the yogi scene. la-1990766-he-adv-gymrat-yogascape-01-rrd-jpg-20141002 This picture taken by an LA Times photographer explains it perfectly.  In my 7am class there were multiple beautiful couples getting down with the vinyasa flow, at first I started to judge them and then I realized it was simply envy. I wish I  had a man flexible/secure enough to do yogascape.

Dance Class

So, I do at least 1 dance class a week. Some times the are more workout type classes other times they are just dance classes. last week I took a class called Rumba Caliente. OMG, it was the best thing that ever happened to me and everything you can imagine it was by it’s name. Mostly the dance moves, similar to thisworking-out made me feel like 1980s latin version of Jane Fonda. Also, the little latino elf of an instructor made it impossible not to smile the whole time.

Wildflower 10k

I ended the week with a road trip to Santa Cruz to do a 10k with Bowinkle and her bestie from college.

Aside from the whole area of the run smelling similar to a pig pen and there being very few wildflowers on the so-called wildflower run, it was great and by mile 4 I was feeling like thiscelebrity-gifs-brad-pitt-workoutWe had a blast and got the free jamba juice to show it! I really think anyone can do a 10k because I was keeping pace with a 70 year old man hah.


So get out there and be somebody friends, because even if today I feel like thisEverything-Hurts-and-Im-Dying-Parks-and-Recreation I still have a smile on my face and am so happy I did it!

**Gifs courtesy of tumblr.**


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