tea party to pee party

you know those moments in life where you think is this really happening? you may even look around to see if other people are experiencing what you are experiencing. WEll, I had one of those this week.
I was at The Grove and I headed to use the bathroom at Nordstrom. I try and avoid going there because there are always a million people, but I figureded it’s early afternoon on a Wednesday, there can’t be that many people in line…I was wrong.
the line was crazy, but I figured I would just wait. I struck up a convo with the little girl in line in front of me. She was at the grove for a tea party at the american girl doll store, she told me as she clutched her Addie Doll. As we waited for a solid 15 mins the line grew shorter and when she got to the front of the line she started to do the pants dance, you know, this one:

Then, without a single word, pee started to splatter ALL over the floor and she began to cry. Social Worker mode kicked in. I threw paper towels down and said over and over again, “you’re okay, sweetie.”
Here is the astonishing thing, like I said before about when you look around to see if anyone is experiencing the same thing you are because you are in such disbelief. I did just that and NOT a single one of the 10 women in line behind us budged or even acknowledged what was happening. WHAT?!
I then asked the girl where her mom was, she said, “In the store, can you go find her?” I had already committed to the problem so, off I went. I asked her, “What does she look like?” The little girls response was, “She’s black!”
**my thoughts: 1) duh, you’re black. 2) how crazy am I about to look going up to all the black women in nordstroms asking if they have a 9 year old daughter in the bathroom who may or may not just covered the floor in urine.

I run out and thank god, mama was standing outside with an american girl doll bag. *at this point I felt like Nacy Drew solving the Black Mom Mystery using my clues.* I went up to her and said, “Do you have a daughter in the rest room?” she looked at me very perplexed and said “Yes.” I told her that her daughter had peed herself in line in the bathroom. Then, like any strong as hell, black woman would, she exclaimed, “WHAT THE FUCK!?” and ran away from me and into the bathroom.
I then whispered to myself, my thought exactly.

I wanted to avoid any further interactions with the Pee Party and so I just left and peed in the comfort of my own home.

A day in the life of kid cuddle y’all. You can’t make this stuff up.


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