All The Things: Round 2

1. Houston, it’s Worth it! #HiWiIMG_6153
I went back home for Easter and to do some interviewing. Let me just say, being home is the best thing ever. While I was there I had so much good queso I actually got sick, hung out with my sister, broke a small bone in my foot opening a door #gifted, visited some old students who are going to COLLEGE #IamOlD, felt like I was swimming inside a wet plastic bag at all times #humidity, had fried chicken and an adult easter egg hunt, caught up with old friends, and sang karaoke with strangers. Needless to say, it was a fabulous trip home.IMG_6161
2. 90210 Problems
Recently internship has been hard and hilarious all at the same time.
Antics that have gone down:
-Client A, punch kid B in the face because he was “A MURDERER” *Kid B just killed a bug…Client A is a self proclaimed Martin Luther King Jr. because he was “standing up for those without a voice.”
-Children have decided I need to become an orthodox jew so they threw me a “Passover Party” and found me a Jewish husband…Mrs. Anna Burgess Rietzenstien does have a ring to it.
-The issue of instagram in the 4th grade. PSA: Parents, If you let your 9 yr old girls post videos of themselves singing their favorite taylor Swift love ballads to their crush…there will be cyber bullying. **Girls, I get it, Blank Space is my jam, but sometimes it’s best to just NOT. Wrangle those emotions ladies.
3. Beach Photo shoot
IMG_6301Some days(most of them) in LA make you feel like you need to go to a winery, buy multiple bottles of wine, wear a crop top, venture to the flagship American Appearl and buy a sweater, and then have a photo shoot on the beach and dance around like a crazy.

I had a bestie in town so that is exactly what we did.

Having visitors is a reminder of how happy and beautiful LA life can be. Here are a view beach babe shots for your liking. Feel free to download, frame and place them next to your bedside table. **it’s not embarrassing at all that we did this, right?**
Also, while MO was here we met a man name Johnson, my natural response to this was, “like the nickname for a penis?” Mo then chimed into to say, “I like him. My future husband also has a name that is the nickname for a penis” **His name is Peter. All we needed in that convo was a Dick and we would have been in a true whirlwind of fun.

Photo shoot faves:IMG_6298IMG_6290 4. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Y’all. This show is AH-MAZING. Everything about it is good. It’s time for a Netflix binge for realz.anigif_enhanced-buzz-16376-1365435077-16 I love her and her fabulous, hilarious, black man roomie-who in real life has the last name Burgess…which means he is my spirit animal. Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 10.50.11 AM
5. Glass Case of Emotiontumblr_lqguchz0jk1qhdftx
There is a lot in my life that has potential to change in the next 2 months. This happened last year, at the end of the year. But this time, it is so much worse…I have 27 days until I graduate, guess what I don’t have…a job, a place to call home after June 1st and really no plan….yikes. #hireme Let’s hope I can juggle it all and can figure it all out here real quick. b42dd22910e13968e724ae336f7bcd7a

In the mean time you will find me living it up in Cali and venturing to Stage Coach next weekend! YYEEEEE!!! HERE I COME Tim, Miranda, Dierks,Jason, Blake and all the rest of my favorite country besties….IMG_9317


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