Master Kid Cuddle

In life we make big and small choices, from what sandwich we are going to get for dinner to swipping left or right on tinder, to picking a career path. There are lots of little things that affect the plan that is meant for us.

I am a Christian, so I believe God has a plan for each of us. With that said, “letting go and letting God” is a lot easier said than done sometimes.

In 4 days I am graduating from grad school. This is something I NEVER thought I would accomplish. Now, academic success is apart of who I am.

I am a Master of Social Work.

When I came out to LA 2 years ago, I felt so far away from being a everything I knew, including feeling far from academia; but I knew I came to grad school to get an education and find myself. With the 2 years here under my belt, this is what I found:

  • I am a survivor of south central.
  • I can beat learning disabilities and stick a huge middle finger in the air to all the people out there who think kids with 504s and IEPs will never “make it.”
  • I am TERRIBLE at having any sort of long distance love life and AMAZING at keeping in touch with friends and family.
  • I can finish a half marathon and still want to participate in races.
  • I still love flowers, letters, fireworks and crayons.
  • I am resourceful and can solve big problems for not just other people, but also myself.
  • Latin music not only burns calories, but makes my smile bigger every time it’s on.
  • Being far away from people you love during a hardship whether it be sickness or death, is harder than anything in the whole world, but creating a support system where I was kept me strong for myself and the people I was far from.
  • Making deep friendships doesn’t take years, it’s as easy as sitting next to a stranger on a school bench.
  • Concerts sound, wine and cheese taste, and exercise is easier, OUTSIDE.
  • I can do pretty much anything alone and sometimes, it’s even better that way.
  • People love nice people. That’s it. Being helpful and having a smile has continued to make life better for me too.
  • My parents really wouldn’t cut off my arm if I got a tattoo…praise god.
  • I learned that the system is so broken for the people that don’t have any other option than be a part of it and kids in the nicest neighborhoods have some of the biggest problems out there. EVERYONE NEEDS LOVE and I can be the person to love them.
  • I am not a pro kickball player, but am strong teammate when it comes to drinking games; therefore am a valuable member of social intramural teams.
  • That no matter where I am, I am in control of how much fun I am having…so why not make every day better than the last.
  • Most of all, even thousands of miles from home, I am a Texan, true and true.

  With all that said, the learning about myself will never be done *le sigh, but this chapter of “finding kidcuddle” is closing.

Like I said, I am a Texan through and through and it’s time for me to head home for an incredible job opportunity and new life in Houston, that I am excited to experience with old and new friends.

The last 2 years of my life have been 2 of the best and the hardest. I am so thankful for every single experience I had, every hand I shook, every little hug I got from my kids I worked with, every laugh I had with amazing new friends and every piece of knowledge I gained from everyone I encountered. I will miss them, with my whole heart, but like I said before, it’s pretty hard to get rid of me once you have touched my life….so get ready for postcards, visits, and long phone calls.

See you in July Tejas!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Louise Hurlbut says:

    we are so proud of you and have loved living the experience with you through the blog. On to the next chapter!

  2. Vollmer, Helen says:

    Could not be more proud of you, your adventures and the lessons you are learning along the way.

    Sent from my iPhone

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