I’m Still Here


Y’all, I am sorry I haven’t been around recently.

the thing about finishing finals and grad school is it makes you feel as though you never want to type again or maybe even look at a computer. BUT, I am back as per the request of some of you, because everyone is DYING to know the happenings of my life (jk- I know it’s still just you mama :)).

Good news, I am still here.

IMG_6732Here to act a fool on all holidays: Especially, Cinco de Mayo, which of course is a holiday celebrated by more young white american’s(me and mine) than anyone in Mexico. Cinco de drinko also fell on Taco Tuesday this year, which made it all the more reason to be celebrated.  I went to a party full of wonderful people I know and love and also a few great strangers. Here is the hilarious thing about these strangers,IMG_6730 they all work in TV and/or sports. This basic betch, isn’t in the BIZ and also, only knows enough about sports to be able to name one athlete in each major sport, say, “No, I’m not a cowboys fan even though I’m from Texas,” and guess that men are professional athletes based on height, race and all other stereotypes. So, instead we just decided to dance in the streets, including a hilarious fall by my girl BWalk, take pictures with mustaches and flags and be challenged to find other commonalities in things other than work(a true test of potential friendship). All in all, I love my Texican roots and will forever celebrate Cinco de Mayo so well that next day naps in the kindergardern special ed room are always necessary.IMG_6739

IMG_6809_2Here to continue to be a traveling bridesmaid: A delta sista bestie got married 3 weeks ago and let me tell you, even though I have complained about the # of bridesmaids dresses I own that I will never wear again or talked about how expensive all the wedding hoopla is, there is NOTHING more beautiful and honoring than being able to stand next to someone you care about and be apart of the best day of their lives. These 2 love birds make love look easy and prove there is someone perfect for everyone. Not to mention, taking a long time best friend as a date, a cheesy risotto bar, glowsticks on a dance floor and being surrounded by loved ones don’t suck either!

Here to do weird excises classes: A couple weeks ago, I went with a bestie to a AIR Aerial Fitness to prove to myself that I could be in the circus if the whole social work thing didn’t work out. Turns out my ability to do cool tricks is minimal and silk ropes can leave severe bruises, but if you like to try new things and want the strongest core/arms ever-you should try this out! All strippers/crazy circus folk-I have a new found respect for you.


IMG_6999Here to be a Master: This may deserve a post of it’s own, but for brevity’s sake I’ll give y’all the cliff notes version. 2 weekends ago was one of the best weekends of my life. I have never had so many overwhelming feelings at once: accomplishment, for doing something to better myself and finishing something that was so hard, but worth every moment; sadness, as it all comes to an end, including my time here in LA; mostly, LOVE, to my family whom have been my rock, friends who surprised me-coming to celebrate with me and friends here who came out to rejoice int he end of, “sorry, I have to go home to study!” These feelings of love and pride hit me so deeply it makes it hard to express my thanks to those who supported me along the way to this masters in the correct way. But, you know who y’all are, THANK YOU. Hopefully, y’all know that the little part you did in helping me to get here, will go a long way in me helping others in the future.IMG_7074IMG_7069

*places we went: Gjelina, WillieJane, Homestate, Los Liones Hike, Abbot Kinney Blvd, Simmzy’s, The Little Door

Here to explore:

IMG_7133On Thursday I drove down to San Diego to stay with one of my best friends from high school and her husband. Let me tell you, that is a great city! It’s the weather of LA and the slow pace of a smaller town, but it’s a hustling city. The water is incredibly beautiful. We went and ate in Little Italy and Bankers Hill, consumed at a brewery, hung out with bowinkle and fubi after a unintentional but fabulous run-in at a great fish taco restaurant, hiked Torrey Pines and most of all spent time catching up. Houston, if you produce friendships like this, I will happily give up the views. IMG_7152

*places we went:  Filippie’s, Pacific Beach, San Diego Maritime Harbor, Craft and Commerce

Here to enjoy EVERY MINUTE LEFT: I have pledged to myself that I will take in every second I have left in the sunshine with the fabulous people I have in my LA life. So, this weekend that included a beach bonfire eating smokes and self cooked hot dogs, singing karaoke-which in case you were wondering singing Africa will go over much better than expected and if you mess up the words to Baby Got Back, we won’t be friends, eating late night pizza at the best with the best and watching a bestie take a shot of ranch for $20 #noshame, a beach day in malibu, and me sitting here writing this to take a break from over consumption before meeting with friends to continue the celebration of my last 26 days here! IMG_7174 IMG_7175 IMG_7182 IMG_7193 IMG_7195

*Places we went: Dockweiler State Beach, Gaslite, NY&C Pizza, Paradise Cove


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