Maybe I’m a little YUCCIE


y’all, my sister writes a blog….you should read it/follow it/aspire to be’s really up to you. Mostly, read it, because today I decided to piggy back on what she posted about.

She posted and the article she sited is about Yuccies aka a Young Urban Creatives.

Definition: “In a nutshell, a slice of Generation Y, borne of suburban comfort, indoctrinated with the transcendent power of education, and infected by the conviction that not only do we deserve to pursue our dreams; we should profit from them.”


According to her post she isn’t Yuccie at all and as I read her post I began to think I may just be a little YUCCIE. yikes.

The more I read the article though, the more I disliked the concept as a whole and realized how much I hate this type ofperson: You know, the guy who is wearing ripped jeans, but hasn’t ever done anything athletic or many enough to rip their jeans…ever.

Or the girl you follow on instagram who never posts pictures of her friends-(unless they are at some insanly hip place-probs fake laughing…def not smiling or have a trendy back ground *think ivy or the “i love you so much” wall in Austin) and always posts pictures of food or sunsets with some deeply profound haiku.

this is profile pic to be yuccie.
this is me…my profile pic to be exact…so yuccie.

Or that guy you met at the bar wearing an apple watch who is telling you about the start up they created selling fair trade coffee to not only “solve the world poverty cycle, but to also make sure that everyone gets decent coffee not commercialized bullshit like Starbucks.”

THe more introspective I got about this though, the more concerned I got that I may be a little Yuppie…because I desperately hope I make enough money nannying*yes this is my job right now* to buy a pair of great ripped white jeans and today I really wanted to post a picture of the beach/clouds/Santa Ana winds we are experiancing with some quote and I do want to some day maybe start something that has to do with changing the world.

Also, according to this:

A yuccie checklist

  • Owns multiple copies of Freedom by Jonathan Franzen
  • Doesn’t like gentrification in theory; loves artisanal donuts in practice
  • Really wants to go to Austin soon because hears it’s incredible
  • Takes boozy painting classes
  • Used to be “in banking” and occasionally still pronounces finance “fuh-nontz”
  • Avoids visible tattoos (not a prudent career move) **well kinda**
  • Loves Seinfeld even though it went off the air when they were 16
  • Gets the NYT Weekend Edition but doesn’t read the news ** Does the Skimm Count?
  • Has thousands of Instagram followers, but almost no Twitter followers

I am 5 1/2 out of 8. double yikes.

HERE is my argument on why I may be a little yuppie, but I don’t completely suck.

According to the article:

“Yuccies, by my definition, are determined to define themselves not by wealth (or the rejection of it), but by the relationship between wealth and their own creativity. In other words, they want to get paid for their own ideas, rather than executing on someone else’s.”

I agree with the highlighted part in the sense that I will not be defined by wealth…because I am a social worker. I also agree that I like to create/execute my ideas, therefore I would rather be paid for that than to be paid to be doing other things.

Also, and most importantly I agree with the highlighted part below.

“That I’m making a dent, the size and location of which is less important than fact that it’s shaped like me.”

Let’s just all hope the world isn’t as conceded as the rest of that sentance.

I think my friend who I accused as also being a little yuccie, put it best by saying:

 “The reason I would say I’m not[YUCCIE] is I place no value on my ideas being validated, I only want to raise my perception so I can be a vessel for absolute truth, which I would never be silly enough to take any ownership of.”

-Gar, you verbal genius you.


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