Time to Swim Down

y’all, why didn’t anyone tell me this was going to be so hard!?

This moving/change/vagabonding thing…

Currently, I am treading water in a sea of gratitude, homelessness, excitement, vagabonding, change, nanny life, goodbyes, wonder in creation, planning, and time.

Mostly time.

And as I begin to count down my days in LA(13 left as of today), I feel as though someone has grabbed on to my foot from the depths of this sea and is pulling me down. Like any past water polo player knows, it’s the feeling of the last breath, where you are shouting and eating water and splashing. That feeling right before you just accept it and go below the waters surface. That’s how I feel.

This splashing and shouting for me, has always been the hardest part of both the game and in life.  It is ALWAYS scary and sometimes sad (in water polo because it means you are loosing and in life because you aren’t sure what to do next). But like I said earlier, there is a moment when you come to accept it.

A good friend, who is also an amazing swimmer and is now in the coast guard, taught me once that if someone is trying to drown you, accept it, and swim down. Swim down below the struggle and then you will pop right up next to them and breath easy.

So, I think it’s time for me to swim down.

Swim into the time and embrace EVERY single last moment of this LA life. All the friendships, all the sunsets, all the time with my nanny family, all the dolphin sitings, all the care-free moments with little responsibility, all 13 days left of LA adventuring. IMG_7244 IMG_7261 IMG_7307 IMG_7327
IMG_7381 IMG_7406 IMG_7423

Because if I am sure of anything, I am sure that I will pop back up in Houston, with a dream job, amazing family and friends both in Houston and to visit in Cali, breathing easy.

“Son, don’t worry about being on time, be in time. Because when you are “in” time, you can accept and experience a much larger slice of life as it unfolds.” -Wynston Marsalis


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