An Open Letter: Dear Single Moms

Dear Single Moms everywhere,

I know that people write stuff like this to you all the time and that you have heard all of this before, but if you are anything like me(a counselor, who gets the same sticking cute thank you letter from kids and cries everytime), you know, it is important to hear it again: YOU ARE AMAZING.

Since I began working(minus a short stent in retail), I have worked with, known, and spent extra time with some of you. I have seen you pick up multiple jobs because some jerk isn’t actually paying child support and seen you make meetings with me in the middle of the day, because you value your child’s education, even though you are extra busy. I have seen your hardship when you sit in a meeting stressed and all I want to offer you is time for some self care, but I know now that time isn’t something you actually have.

The strange thing is, the true realization of how awesome and selfless you are didn’t truly come to me really until this week. As you may know I am a nanny and I love my kids. They are funny, smart, active, special individuals and I know they will make a positive impact in this world. **Remember they aren’t my kids, so me saying that isn’t THAT biased** I have known them for a little over a year now, so I know the ins and the outs of how they work(for the most part).

RIght now, I am in the middle of a 2 week full on mom nanny stent while the parents are away.  These 2 weeks, I am a single mom. This is where my realization came in that YOU, single mom, are the truest of souls, because you give and you give and you give, yet there is NO, “me time.”

Examples of why, I am so impressed by you and why I think you have the most stressful job in the world:

  • Put a pot of coffee on to sit down and write a blog per say; and the the littlest one wants to play and the middle one wants to go surfing and the oldest is hungry even though he just ate the whole box of pop tarts–oh did I mention the dog just vommited up the frisbee it chewed?
  • You want to go work out; a class is out of the question. Especially in a city where you must factor in 30 mins of driving time, because that’s an hour and a half of little to no supervision for the kids and by the time you get back someone will have put foil in the microwave, there will be enough half drank cups of water all over the house to have solved the California drought, and someone will be late of volleyball practice.
  • You CAN’T eat healthy; because french fries. Seriously, every meal’s color scheme is white and orange (pizza, turkey sandwich, mac and cheese). Greenery is left for the football fields you had one-legged races on to entertain your children, not for their plates…or yours, because who has the time.
  • Cinderella syndrome. How are you supposed to meet Prince Charming when you have a bewitching hour and have to get home to the sitter and are thinking the whole time you are out about what the kids are doing or worse, talk about them because it’s all you think about.

Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 8.17.23 PMClearly, I am not cut out for this gig and am so impressed by each of you for not only doing it, but making it look so easy! You really are super heroes. I know plenty of your kids who are awesome humans and there is no one to thank but you for it.

Big hugs and deep love,

A Nanny who respects you more than you will ever know

P.S. As for me and my nanny babies: We are making it. The house is still in once piece and all 3 dogs and 3 children are still alive and well. We even left the house today in matching outfits…on purpose..obvi.

P.S.S. All moms and dads in general, you have a tough gig too and you are also AWESOME.


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